Apostille for Russia

Apostille for Russia

The Hauge Convention states that apostille attestation is an accepted legal process in all countries. India must issue a valid, official apostille to all documents. As Russia is a member of the Hague Convention an apostille will be required. The Ministry of External Affairs of India authenticates documents that are accepted as true authentication by the Russian Government. Apostille, a computer-generated label that includes a unique number and expiration date of six months, is accepted by the Russian government as authentic authentication.

What Is Russia Apostille?

Document authentication involves receiving the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) sticker as part of legalizing documents to prove their genuinity and intent of travelling to Russia. Apostille services in India are provided by MEA which serves as part of central government authentication of documents; MEA stickers will then be applied onto them during legalization processes.

Why You Require An Apostille For Russia?

An apostille serves to legally validate certifications and documents to confirm their legitimacy, making the Apostille process mandatory to gain entrance to Russia for Visa purposes and it is widely recognized in Russia for any official purpose.

As there may be multiple reasons to obtain an Apostille for Russia, such as work-related relocation and visa processing requirements.

  • Student Visa
  • Resident Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Business Visa

How Can You Acquire An Apostille for Russia?

When seeking legal authentication services, one should carefully assess all factors associated with them. An ideal agency must employ trained experts capable of legalization certificate legalizations so as to minimize errors that might arise when legalizing certificates; PCC Apostille takes great pride in our Apostille services as we have an outstanding team dedicated to client care who work behind PCC Apostille; we put customer convenience first while assuring they receive quality services every time from PCC Apostille clients can rely upon us when legalizing documents legally for our clients!

Procedure for Russia Apostille

Russia Apostille Authenticating certificates is a time-consuming decentralised process; going through various levels of verification before ultimately receiving the Ministry of External Affairs stamp on your certificate. Up until January 1, 2019 MEA stamped were distributed directly from their office; but since that day MEA have decentralised this function with branches secretariats/RPOs being set up at different cities.

  • Regional Level: At this initial step of certificate verification, authentication of documents may begin. This step may be completed by notaries public, universities from where documents were issued or even Chambers of Commerce when dealing with commercial documents.
  • State Government: Verifying certificates issued from a state can be undertaken by various organizations depending on the needs and document type, which include State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), with this latter organization operating independently but their verification work reflected at state level.
  • Apostille: This step involves providing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) with a sticker with applicant information for use with documents subject to Apostille; sometimes an MEA stamp may also be mandatory on documents used as evidence in court proceedings or commercial transactions, depending upon specific cases. This final stage in Apostille certification is carried out central government directly.

Educational Certificate Apostille for Russia

An Apostille stamp serves as legal evidence that your qualification meets Russia’s criteria, providing proof that any educational document (Degree/Diploma, HSC/SSC Certificate/Mark Sheet and School Report etc) are legitimate in obtaining student and employment visas or permits in Russia.

  • Notary Stamp
  • SDM / Home Department / HRD
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA India)

Personal Document Apostille for Russia

An apostille stamp authenticates personal certificates like Birth, Marriage, Affidavits and Medical reports submitted for Russia as this process will prove the legitimacy of both you and your document in Russia. With an Apostille stamped onto each personal document they become authenticated documents recognized by their ministry of education in Russia.

  • Notary Attestation
  • SDM/Home Department Attestation
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

Commercial Documents Apostille for Russia

Are You Planning on Establishing or Exporting to Russia Do you plan on setting up business or exporting goods into Russia? As part of legalising process in Russia, commercial documents apostille may be requested of you from Ministry of External Affairs apostille services such as Invoice, Incorporation Registration Board Resolution Power Attorney Memorandum Articles Association certificate Origin Packing List Bill of Lading etc will require Apostille from MEA before legalisation process can commence – it would help greatly if these specific documents obtained an Apostille from MEA for legalisation process in Russia!

  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

How Long Will it Take for the Document Apostille for Russia?

Legalization for Russian documents comes in many shapes and forms. Timelines will depend on a few key variables; including which state issued your certificate/document as well as their type/types/state you need them in. On average it typically takes 15- 25 working days but this could vary due to external influences mentioned previously.

How Much Does it Cost to Apostille a Document for Russia?

Apostille requires multiple stages of authorization that need to take place during its process, each depending on your level of verification – be that from MEA alone or all levels combined. Authentication costs often range widely and depend heavily on how urgently authentication needs must be obtained as this factor plays into cost of certifying document; we suggest speaking directly with one of our executives for best deals!

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