Apostille Marriage Certificate in India

Marriage Certificate Apostille is a crucial step for those who are planning to move to any of the 117 countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention. This process involves affixing a unique apostille stamp issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on the back of the original marriage certificate. Further, The stamp contains a unique identification number which allows Hague Convention member nations to verify the document’s authenticity. For those who want to live abroad, especially on work or dependent visas, a Marriage Certificate Apostille is mandatory. So, the marriage certificate apostille is as essential as the process of getting an attestation from an embassy can be tedious for those who have zero idea about the process. Therefore, with PCC PT LTD in India, you can obtain the finest and fastest marriage certificate apostille possible. Moreover, We are one of the leading consultancies across India giving genuine marriage certificate Apostille services in India and all other principal cities of India.

What do you mean by Marriage certificate Apostille?

Marriage Certificate Apostille is a crucial part of the legalization process for India. Because the Marriage Certificate is both an official declaration that two individuals are married and legal proof of the husband-wife relationship. If you are going overseas on a family visa, the marriage certificate issued by the Indian government must have an apostille. Apostille stamp is a report that shows a decision on the legitimacy of a marriage certificate. This process will accredit the legitimacy of your Marriage Certificate and assist you in getting sponsorship for your spouse or a family residence in India. Marriage Certificate Apostille is a process of getting an Attestation from MEA.

Why is Marriage Certificate Apostille Needed?

A Marriage Certificate Apostille in India is required for persons who want to move to a Hague Convention nation. So, It acts as verification of the marriage certificate’s legitimacy and enables easy immigration procedures. When seeking temporary or permanent residency in another country, the apostille stamp on the marriage certificate eliminates the need for further attestation from the destination country’s embassy.

What are the Documents Required for the Marriage Certificate Apostille?

To initiate the apostille process, the following documents are required:
Original Marriage Certificate
Supporting documentation, such as copies of passport pages
Aadhar card and a photocopy of the license card
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) only accepts original documents for apostille.

What are the official Procedures for Marriage Certificate Apostille in India?

Obtaining an apostille stamp for a marriage certificate is a time-consuming process. To obtain the final Apostille, the document must first go through a mandatory primary legalization procedure from multiple officials. PCC PVT LTD provides marriage certificate apostille services in India using two different procedures.

First Method:

Notary Apostille:
First, The initial step in the authentication of the Marriage Certificate is getting them certified by the Notary. It provides a sticker and sign. It is the leading step for a Marriage Certificate.

State Home Department Apostille:
The marriage Certificate Attestation is based on the signature of the designated signing authorities of the State Government/Union Territory. The marriage Certificate attestation is to be done by the State Home Department.

MEA Apostille:
Finally, The MEA is the Central Government that Authenticates the Marriage Certificate. The Ministry of External Affairs gives marriage Certificates apostille. Although time-consuming, this rigorous process ensures acceptance in all Hague Convention nations. The completion estimate is 25–30 days.

Alternative method:

Public Notary Apostille:
Notary public attestation starts the marriage certificate apostille process, like State Attestation.

SDM Apostille:
The Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attests to the marriage certificate directly, avoiding the requirement for state or regional department attestations.

MEA Apostille:
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) provides marriage certificate apostille through this quicker process, validating them for all Hague Convention ratifiers except Italy, Austria, and Portugal. The fast apostille procedure takes 2–3 days.

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 PCC PVT LTD is a leading non-government consultancy that collects Marriage certificates from all over India and submits them in MEA for apostille. You just have to submit your documents to us. it is the first step of a Marriage certificate apostille procedure. We offer quick document apostille services via all of India’s main cities. You can be assured that we take care of all your documents as our own. It is preferable to obtain a marriage Certificate Apostille from professionals. PCC PVT LTD guarantees the highest levels of loyalty and quality. Our professionals have extensive expertise in this field, are well-equipped, well-informed about their jobs, and are constantly available. PCC guarantees 100% authentic marriage certificate apostille and attestation services based on its significant experience in this field.

Our Services

1. Free Pickup/Delivery Service:
Hassle-free marriage document collection and delivery from your doorstep.
2. Commitment to Marriage Document Authenticity:
Your original documents are handled with utmost care to maintain their authenticity.
3. Experienced and Dedicated Professionals:
Our team comprises experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in all types of document attestation and apostille services in India.
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Stress-free and complete fulfillment of your marriage document apostille and embassy legalization procedures.
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Our secure office environment prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your original documents.
6. Fastest and Hassle-free Service:
Get a Timely marriage certificate apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs with our expert team’s fastest approach.

Apostille Process Followed by PCC

1. Get in Touch:
Contact us via phone, email, or in person at our office.
2. Mail Marriage Documents:
Submit your specific needs and provide the required documents for the marriage certificate apostille process.
3. Delivery of Documents:
Certified apostille marriage documents will be delivered to your door via email or other means.
4. Make Payment:
Receive a bill for payment and a completion schedule. Pay once your legitimate apostille marriage certificate is completed.

FAQ'S For Marriage Certificate Apostille

1. How do I apostille my marriage certificate in India?

Submit your marriage certificate to PCC PVT LTD for the apostille stamp. We offer trustworthy and efficient marriage certificate apostille services in all major cities of India.


2. Is India listed in Hague convention?

Yes, India is part of Hague Nation. To learn in details which nations are a part of the Hague Convention, you can Visit Official site of Hague.

3. What is the meaning of apostille in a marriage certificate?

Well, the term ‘Apostille’ refers to a sticker or certificate given by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to prove the authenticity of a Marriage Certificate in a foreign country.

4. What is the validity of the marriage certificate apostille in India?

The validity is six months, and it is acceptable in all member countries of the Hague Convention.

5. How many days will it take to get an apostille in India?

The normal marriage certificate apostille process takes 25 to 30 working days, but it can go through a fast process through PCC PVT LTD for genuine and quick marriage certificate apostille services in India.

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