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Granting, some documents Attestation service providers can make it easy for you by reaching the government’s authorities and helping you in getting your document attestation faster and hassle-free. HRD attestation is a process done by the HRD department of the State. HRD attestation is a legalization process done to authenticate an educational document.The process is a time consuming and hard to perform as a common discrete. It is the process which is performed on the state level by the authorities of the HRD or Human Resource Development, Ministry to verify educational documents and educational documents.

What is HRD Attestation?

The full form of HRD attestation is the Human Resource Department & it means getting an attestation stamp from the HRD or Human Resource Department also stamp from on your document’s attestation. It is the legalization process followed to attest the document’s authenticity in India.  HRD attestation is a process done by the HRD department of the State. HRD attestation is a legalization process done to authenticate an educational document. The stamp on a certificate verification after the completion of document attestation, document apostille is reduced to prove the authenticity of documents attestation which is also called an HRD certificate. this is performed for the educational documents, personal documents  like degree certificate verification for an different by the state government’s HRD ministry or Human Resource Department.

HRD Attestation for Degree Certificate

 In India is required to prove the validity of your educational documents  attestation to the authorities of the respective country you are going to study or visa purpose. It is a compulsory authentication when it comes to attesting educational certificates and personal document carry them out of the country, An separate need to get and other educational certificates done by the authorities

What is the need for HRD certificate attestation?

It proves the lawfulness of your documents attestation to the government authorities of the respective country, the need for it is may contrast from country to country and the purpose of traveling to the country. purposes to prove the genuineness of your documents in their country and also to apply for a student study visa, work visa or employment visa the educational certificate verificationis required. It is mainly required when you are marching to a foreign country for education attestation or permanent employment.  

How to get HRD Ministry Attestation?

All you have to do is reach out to us for the service favourite, and we will perform the whole process for you. PCC is one of the best known and most favourite services and provides trustworthy services and continues transparency with its customers.

While many services & agents have easy access to get document attested including Degree Certificate , birth certificate attestation. Going through all the process and getting a stamp on your educational documents , personal documents done no-doubt a lengthy and confused process.

What is the HRD attestation procedure?

In the procedure, before success to the Delhi Ministry, one needs to gain marksheet verification from the local authorities along with university verification or degree verification for the verification of documents. The steps are given below :

  • Certificate Verification:

It is the primary level of certificates attestation done by the university from which the afraid educational certificates were blowout. This is the part of the educational certificate legalization which is compulsory before acquiring HRD authentication from the MEA.

  • HRD Attestation:

The department is limited to certifying educational documents as per the requirement of the Delhi embassy. The next step is getting the certificate attestation from the state government or the Human Resource Department also called HRD.

How long does it take to get Attestation from HRD?

The time taken depends on some factors like your attestation service provider, State from which you applied for HRD attestation it, types of documents apostille you want to get attested and the type of university marksheet verification required. Regularly, it takes 12 to 18 days but it may extend up to a couple of days more than a week.

Simple step by step process for your application

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