Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

What is the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS)

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is offered to international students by the South Korean Ministry of Education as an incentive for studying academic degrees within South Korea. This merit-based award seeks to promote educational exchange and friendship between Korea and participating nations – in all fields of study available across GKS participating universities with a minimum requirement of 80% and age limits of 40 for master’s and 25 for undergraduate degrees.

GKS Scholarship is open to students of any nationality or program choice worldwide.

Indian students looking to study in Korea are offered an incredible opportunity through the Global Korea Scholarship Program – they’ll gain invaluable experiences and gain unique cultural knowledge!

Benefits of GKS Scholarship 2024 for the students

There are lot of benefits given to the students


    • Tuition Fees

    • Monthly Living Expenses

    • Airfare Settlement

    • Language Training Fee

    • Medical Insurance

    • other allowances as well

The Global Korea Scholarship – GKS Process – How to apply for GKS Scholarship

Mainly there are two ways to apply for the GKS Scholarship

– Through Embassy

– Through University

Candidates may apply from the Korean Embassy in India or directly from the designated universities in Korea.

Why should you apply for GKS?

With lot of benefits in the GKS Scholarship, program offers students the opportunity to study in South Korea, a country that is rich in culture and economy. The language and cultural immersion activities will also help students to adapt quickly to the academic life of South Korea.

The GKS program provides access to high-quality research and education facilities in fields such as engineering, science and humanities. The GKS program gives international students a unique opportunity to explore new cultures.

Documents Needed for Global Korea Scholarship Applications

An applicant should submit the following documents to apply for GKS Scholarship after getting this apostilled.


    • Educational Document – Diploma, Degree, Masters

    • Transcripts – Transcript Or Consolidated Marksheet

    • Age Proof – Birth Certificate or Passport

    • Parents Government Id – Election Card, Ration Card, Passport, Aadhar Card

These are the compulsory documents for applying for Global Korea Scholarship.

Global Korea Scholarship Application Form

Click Here to Download From

You can download and Fill out and submit the application form.

To apply for a scholarship, applicants must fill out an online application and attach all required documentation such as letters of recommendation, academic transcripts and personal statements. Academic performance and language proficiency will serve as primary selection criteria.

All the documents listed above must be apostille.

At least one year of undergraduate studies or its equivalent are usually prerequisites to enrolling in most undergraduate degree programs; or an applicant has obtained their high-school diploma or an equivalent qualification from their home country. There may also be age, language and health regulations.

To apply for a GKS scholarship, an online application on the official Korean government website must be filled out. Submitting transcripts, scores from language proficiency tests, letters of recommendation or any additional supporting documentation as part of this process may also be necessary.

Before applying, it’s crucial that you confirm all eligibility criteria and requirements, while being organized can make the competitive application process simpler for you. Starting early with preparation can make all the difference when entering this competitive process!


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