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Many purposes necessitate South Korean apostille services in India. For instance, a person going abroad for higher education, employment, etc. must have their documents apostilled, and if the destination country is a Hague Convention Country (HCC), the Ministry of External Affairs must attest and apostille degree certificates. Any document apostilled by one of the 117 Hague Convention nations is valid in the others. This eliminates the need to have documents certified in each nation. Therefore, you may use our inexpensive Apostille services for South Korea in India to have your documents stamped by MEA. The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible. You may contact the Ministry directly, but if you don’t know the procedure, you may be delayed. The process is tiring. Thus, PCC Apostille services for South Korea in India provide the best and quickest attestation. For Apostille services for South Korea in India, we give excellent legalization help. To guarantee your certificates are legally recognized, PCC provides the finest attestation and apostille services for South Korea in India.

What is South Korea Apostille?

One way to ensure that a document is legitimate is to get an apostille, which is a stamp from South Korea. This essential step guarantees that all of your documents, whether they are for school, work, or residency in South Korea, are acknowledged as authentic. Both South Korea and India are members of the Hague Convention, which facilitates the procedure for the legalization of documents between participating nations. There is no requirement for further embassy attestations when a document is apostilled; it is considered genuine in all Hague Convention member nations. if you want scholership for south koria click here

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Why is the Document Apostille for South Korea Necessary?

For anyone looking to go to South Korea for employment, further study, or residency, apostille documents are required. Apostilling your documents simplifies the process of applying for a work, study, dependent visa, or permanent residency visa in South Korea. Since joining the Hague Convention in 2005, India has dramatically simplified the authentication procedure, usually doing away with the necessity for embassy attestations. Your applications for visas in South Korea may experience unnecessary delays and hassles in the absence of a South Korea apostille.

Required Documents for Apostille Services for South Korea in India

Apostille procedures for South Korea in India are facilitated by the following necessary documents:

1. The original document that has to be authenticated, such as a marriage certificate, PCC, birth certificate, degree certificate, or single status certificate.
2. A copy of the front and last page of a passport.
3. Photocopy of Aadhar card.
4. Photocopy of license.

Moreover, you will have to ensure that all original documents are in good condition for an easy and fast apostille process.

What are the procedures for Document Apostille Services for South Korea in India?

PCC is a trustworthy consultancy that authenticates documents quickly. We may apostille educational and non-educational documents for South Korea in India. Different apostille processes depend on document needs and timeframe.

Apostille for personal and educational documents:
Notary Apostille:
First, notary attestation lays the framework for the apostille process.

State-Level Apostille:
Study documents:
Educational Certificate legalization requires an apostille. Because it is legal proof of your qualification and the Apostille stamp will confirm Educational Certificates like degrees, Diplomas, HSC, SSC, mark sheets, and School Reports for student or job visas in South Korea.

Personal work documents:
Personal certificates including Birth, Marriage, Affidavit, Medical, and PCC need an apostille for South Korea to verify their legality. Apostille stamps make personal documents authentic and recognized by South Korea’s government.

MEA Apostille:
Finally, send your certificate to the MEA for apostille, which verifies its legitimacy. Although time-consuming, this rigorous process ensures acceptance in all Hague Convention nations. The completion estimate is 25–30 days.
Alternative method:
Public Notary Apostille:
Notary public attestation starts the process, like State Attestation.

SDM Apostille:
The Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attests to the document, avoiding the requirement for state attestations.

MEA Apostille:
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) apostille the documents through a quicker process, validating them for all Hague Convention ratifiers except Italy, Austria, and Portugal. The fast apostille procedure takes 2–3 days.

Commercial Document Apostille:

Official Chamber of Commerce document certification:
The Chamber of Commerce (CoC) authenticates commercial papers, a critical step in validating business paperwork.

MEA Apostille:
The last step in legalizing business documents is MEA attestation, which completes the apostille process.

Types of Documents You Can Get Apostilled For South Korea

For Indian citizens applying for GKS, certain documents need to be apostilled. it is typically necessary to obtain an apostille on a photocopy of a document, particularly for applications related to the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) and other educational purposes. This is due to the practice of universities not returning documents after students apply for admission.

Note: certain documents such as Voter ID, PAN Card, Driver’s License, and Passport necessitate a specific format for apostille on scan copy format. This is essential because apostilling such documents directly on the original is not possible.

1. Personal Documents Apostille:
– Marriage Certificate
– Birth Certificate
– Divorce Certificate
– Death Certificate
– Adoption Deed
– Medical Certificate
– Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
– Experience Certificate
– Migration Certificate
– Passport Copies, etc.

2. Educational Certificate Apostille:
– Degree Certificate
– Diploma Certificate
– Mark sheets
– SSC certificate
– HSC certificate, etc.

3. Commercial Documents:
– Memorandum Of Association
– Power of Attorney
– Authority Letter
– Board Resolution
– Article of Association
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Commercial Invoice
– Bill of Lading
– Insurance Certificate
– Invoice Bills, etc.

Why Choose PCC?

PCC is a prominent consultancy for document certification, apostille, embassy or consular legalization, and attestation. Our South Korean document apostille services are fast in all major Indian cities. We treat all your documents as our own. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has authorized PCC to conduct online attestation services for South Korea in India. We strive to provide timely and effective help to all our valued clients. We apostille and certify all Indian educational, personal, and commercial documents for South Korea in India. PCC Pvt Ltd stands out as the ideal solution for Apostille services for South Korea in India for several services.

Our Services

Free Pickup/Delivery Service:
We collect and deliver documents from your doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
Commitment to Document Authenticity:
Your original documents are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to maintain their authenticity.
Experienced and Dedicated Professionals:
Our team comprises experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in attestation and apostille services.
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction:
PCC ensures stress-free and complete fulfillment of your apostille and embassy legalization procedures.
Safety as Top Priority:
Our secure office environment prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your documents throughout the attestation process.
Fast and Hassle-free Service:
Utilizing the fastest approach, our expert team ensures timely apostillation of your documents by the Ministry of External Affairs.
Document Apostille Tracking Facility:
Stay informed throughout the process with our document tracking facility, ensuring constant communication and systematic order tracking.


Apostille Process Followed By PCC

1. Get in Touch: Contact us via phone, email, or in person at our office.
2. Mail Documents:
Share your specific needs and provide required documents and destination country details.
3. Delivery of Documents: Certified documents will be delivered to your door via email or other means.
4. Make Payment: Receive a bill for payment and a completion schedule. Pay once your legitimate documents are completed.

For all Attestation and apostille services for South Korea in India, PCC takes care of the entire process, knowing which offices to contact for speedy attestation and apostille services.


1. How long is the Apostille valid for in South Korea?

The validity period is generally 6 months, with different countries specifying varied durations. In India, it is 6 months.

2. Is your service MEA approved?

Yes, PCC has received formal approval from MEA, ensuring a direct connection between you and MEA for the best and cheapest apsotille service.


3. Where can I get Apostille services for South Korea in India?

No, they serve different purposes. Notarization attests to the legitimacy of a document for national use, while apostille validates documents for international travel or settlement in countries that are Hague Convention signatories.


4. How do I get a document apostilled for South Korea?

Acquire the original or certified copy of the document, obtain notary and SDM stamps, and finally, have the document apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs for legitimate usage in South Korea.

5. Is apostille the same as notary in India?

No, they serve different purposes. Notarization attests to the legitimacy of a document for national use, while apostille validates documents for international travel or settlement in countries that are Hague Convention signatories.


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