It is a legalizing process that validates the authenticity of a document. Apostille Services in Bangalore will attest various types of Indian government  documents. The Apostille Service in Bangalore will check, validate, and make official documents from the Karnataka State Government as well as documents from other states.

If you live in Karnataka but your documents are from a different state, you can submit them for Best Apostille in Bangalore. However, the documents will be checked by the branch in the state where they were made. PCC Apostille Services is an excellent option. Not only do they provide apostille services for documents and certificates, but they also provide documents translation services. Our company provides all documents services at a low price.

Procedure For Apostille Certificate In Bangalore

Procedure For Apostille Certificate In Bangalore

Apostille services in Bangalore / Karnataka

Apostille Service can be done in Bangalore by MEA-approved agencies that have been checked out. We are a firm in Bangalore that has been approved to offer Apostille services. We’ll pick up your documents, take them to different government offices, and get the Apostille from MEA India.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is the only Government organization that can give your documents an apostille in Delhi. Apostille is a sticker that the Ministry of External Affairs gives to a document to show foreign authorities that its authenticity has been checked.

For some reason why you have to need legal certificates. If you may be trying to obtain a work visa or student visa. No matter what your reason, every country requires that you prove the validity of your document before it can be used in other countries. The process of getting your documents legalized is fast and easy. Our organization is one of the most reliable and affordable apostille agencies in Bangalore.

Apostille Services in Bangalore, What is an Apostille?

Apostille of Documents

Apostille of Documents and Implementations is the legalization of a document in a format accept by all countries. The Apostille procedure is an internationally recognize attestation. To obtain an Apostille, the document must be authenticated by a notary public. The Ministry of External Affairs pastes a square shaped computer generated sticker stamp on the document, and then verifies the authenticity online. Upon receipt of payment, the embassy will prepare the Apostille.

Validity of Apostille in Bangalore

Apostille from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is good for 6 months, and State Attestation (Home Department Attestation & HRD Attestation) is good for life. A document only needs to be validated by the state once. And for documents that were made in Bangalore, the Home Department attests all of them at a slower rate. Home Department attestation takes more time than it does in other states.

How to start Process

APOSTILLE SERVICE, How to start Process

Register for Apostille Services in Bangalore

    Documents required for Apostille services in Bangalore

    To get your documents Attested in Bangalore, you must have the original copies of all the documents you need to have attested. You should have all the original documents or copies that were made by the same people who made the originals.

    Basically, For these documents, you will also need supporting documents. Some of the documents that can be used as proof are passports copies, government-issued IDs, letters of offer, confirmations of admission from foreign universities, and all semester marks cards.

    PCC PVT LTD Provide Best Apostille services in Bangalore and has a competitive price. For more you can contact our Team via Call @+91 9727632183/ OR  Email @ info@hrdattestation.in.

    Attestation services in Bangalore /Karnataka takes between one or two business days, depending on the type of document. The supporting documents include an Xerox copy of passport (front and last page), an Aadhar card, and a letter from the company requesting approval. Certifications fall into three categories: Notary, university, and governmental.

    The information on an Apostille is as follows

    • Name of the country where the document was issued.
    • Name of the Individual to whom the document is issued.
    • Signer’s name appears on the document.
    • The certification’s location and date.
    • The number of certificates.
    • Authority’s seal or stamp appears on certificates.
    • Authorizing body’s signature on the certificate.
    Apostille Services in Kolkata
    Apostille services in Hyderabad

    Procedures for an Apostille services in Bangalore 

    • Registering for an apostille online
    • submitting office documents via mail or personally dropping off documents at our office
    • Online apostille payment
    • obtaining the document tracking number
    • online for updates
    • Receive emails about the apostille status.
    • After apostille, receive or collect the documents.

    Frequently asked questions

    In order to use documents issued in one country in a specific Bangalore city, they must first be authenticated or legalized. These documents will be accepted in the other country and will have the same legal standing there as they do in their country of origin.

    Before the Hague Convention, the authentication process was very challenging because many people had to be involved in order to legally certify a single document. If both nations are signatories to the Hague Legalization Convention, the legalization process for documents is made simpler.

    For a Apostille in Bangalore You can Direct Submit Your Document At PCC Official Center :


    KG Halli, D’ Souza Layout, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India
    +91 83203 85436

    Yes, India is part of Hague Nation. To learn in details which nations are a part of the Hague Convention, you can Visit Official site of Hague.

    If your nation isn’t included in the Hague Convention Your paperwork needs to be legalized by a consulate or embassy. There are two additional steps in this process at the Embassy or Consulate as well as the Department of State.

    Because there are so many middlemen involved in document apostille, it is unclear why some services are more expensive than others. We are not middlemen and speak with MEA directly (Ministry of External Affairs).

    • Birth certificate Apostille & Embassy issued in Bangalore
    • Marriage certificate Apostille issued in Old Bangalore
    • Divorce certificate Apostille issued in South Bangalore
    • Affidavit certificate Apostille issued in East Bangalore
    • PCC certificate Apostille in Central Bangalore
    • Power of Attorney certificate Apostille issued in West Bangalore
    • Death certificate Apostille issued in North Bangalore
    • Ration card certificate Apostille issued in Bangalore
    • Pan Card certificate Apostille issued in Old Bangalore
    • Bank Statement certificate Apostille in South Bangalore
    • Degree certificate Embassy Apostille issued in East Bangalore
    • Marks sheet certificate Apostille issued in Central Bangalore
    • Diploma certificate Apostille issued in West Bangalore
    • SSC certificate Apostille issued in North Bangalore
    • HSC certificate Apostille issued in Bangalore
    • B.tech certificate Apostille issued in Old Bangalore
    • MTech certificate Apostille issued in South Bangalore
    • BSC Nursing certificate Apostille issued in East Bangalore
    • MSC Nursing certificate Apostille issued in Central Bangalore
    • certificate of origin Apostille issued in West Bangalore
    • Memorandum of Association certificate Apostille issued in Bangalore
    • Article of Association certificate Apostille issued in North Bangalore
    • commercial invoices certificate Apostille issued in Bangalore
    • Bill of Landing certificate Apostille issued in Old Bangalore

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    Why choose PCC?

    PCC has been functioning for over 6+ years now and procured itself the title of best services in India. We have developed this belief and rely all because of the assisting and experience that we have attained over the years. Let us ratify you how we can assist you with the best services:

    Fast & Reliable Service

    We collect and deliver certificates from your doorstep to ensure a hassle-free experience.

    Free pick up & drop service

    Your original certificates are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to maintain their authenticity. Also Get UAE embassy attestation and apostille in pune with full commitment.

    Service availability across all India

    Our team comprises experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in all types of UAE embassy attestation services in Kerala and other states.

    24*7 Customer service

    PCC ensures stress-free and complete fulfillment of your certificate attestation UAE embassy India legalization procedures.

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    Our secure office environment prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your original certificate throughout the UAE embassy attestation Hyderabad and other cities process.

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