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Nowadays It’s easier than ever to study abroad, get work abroad, and grow your business abroad. It is important that you obtain apostille services if you intend to work overseas. Pune has apostille services, which allow any document issued in Maharashtra, India, to be legally recognized elsewhere. There are several apostille service Providers in Pune that can properly legalize your documents. However, we at PCC Pvt Ltd offer complete solutions for apostilling personal and educational documents.

What is the Apostille document?

An apostille is a square-shaped sticker stamp that is issued by India’s Ministry of External Affairs. It is a distinct stamp, which is an essential procedure that is often accomplished using Pune government apostille attestation services. The legalization process entails a number of validations and verification stages that you must complete. Documents from the nations included in the 1961 Hague Convention are eligible for the Apostille attestation/legalization. Apostille attestation lists 117 nations, and for a document issued outside of these countries to be accepted by the country of travel, it must first be legalized. If you’re a student in Pune who wants to pursue further education at an international university, you should get in touch with the PCC Apostille services in Pune.

Why is a document apostille required?

Apostille services are necessary for Indian students and job seekers seeking better employment opportunities overseas. In order to validate their papers, students visiting nations that are signatories to the Hague Convention will need to use the best apostille services in Pune. Following Apostille, it concludes that you are a reliable individual. It provides legitimacy and fundamental awareness. Therefore, all you have to do to go to a country that has ratified the Hague Convention is to apostille all of your documents. At PCC, we make sure your documents are acceptable with the apostille, building trust and increasing legitimacy within the world community.

How to Apostille the document in Pune?

PCC has emerged as the expert in apostille services in Pune for many years. We certify many kinds of documents, including birth, marriage, and degree certificates, among many others. The qualified experts who collaborate with us have legalized certifications before. PCC uses two effective procedures to streamline the Apostille process. if you want to know how to do this process in bangalore click here

First Method:

It is advised to use State authentication (Notary/HRD/Home Department) followed by MEA Apostille for higher education or personal business. It could take twenty-five to thirty days. 

Second Method:

As an alternative, a faster procedure that takes only two to three working days to complete includes a Notary Public, a Sub Divisional Magistrate, and an MEA Apostille. PCC’s highly qualified staff is equipped to handle the necessary government apostille services in Pune, ensuring a hassle-free experience and saving you time.

What documents are required for Apostille?

To receive an apostille services in Pune near me, the following certifications must be shown:

Every original certificate that needs an apostille.

A copy of a civil identity document, such a driver’s license or passport, etc.

A company cover letter should be written in the Ministry of External Affairs’ honor for commercial paperwork.

What are All three types of document apostille Categorised?

Documents of many kinds require authentication, but PCC handles the three main types of document apostille:

Study Document Apostille:

(transcript documents, degree certificates, and authentic certifications),

Personal work Document Apostille:

(medical certificates, affidavits, PCC, birth certificates, and marriage certificates),

Business Document Apostille:

(origin certificates, GST certificates, export invoices, and accounting Powers).
Among the various consultancies, PCC Pune Apostille services are the most reliable. When attesting your documents, we always use the most reliable procedure and see to it that everything is completed in the allotted time.

Why Choose PCC?

To finish your document apostille as quickly as possible, PCC PVT LTD streamlines and expedites the entire process. Because of our team’s continued exceptional performance, we are the go-to option for urgent Apostille needs. Without a doubt, the greatest choice for apostille services in Pune is PCC PVT LTD. We are the go-to option for both people and companies due to our commitment to excellence, open practices, and customer-first mentality. Our goal is to offer the easiest, most hassle-free apostille services possible on a global scale. Our goal is to become the best apostille services consultancy in the world.

Our Services

Complete client satisfaction:

Enjoy the assurance of first-rate service at PCC, and we make sure you’re completely satisfied at every step of the way.

No-cost Pickup and Delivery: 

At PCC, we provide apostille services in Pune by retrieving documents from your doorstep and returning them to you.

Service Provided All Over India: 

PCC provides excellent apostille services to customers from all across India through its branches.

Top Safety and Legitimacy:

 Our first goals are your safety and sincerity. At PCC, we guarantee the best quality in all of our apostille services in Pune.

Highest Effective Work:

Our ethical duty to our clients supports our quality-driven apostille procedures.

Quickest & Most Affordable Services:

Always take advantage of our dedication to providing quick and easy government apostille services in Pune.

Apostille Process Followed By PCC

We can assist you whether you require an apostille for commercial or personal documents. 

1. Completing the Order Form 

Tell us the target country and the documents you need to be authenticated.

2. Send or Upload Documents: 

For a complete examination, please submit original or certified copies to us.  

3. Send the Payment: 

Get a bill for payment and a schedule for completion. Pay just once your flawless documents are completed.

All you need to do is that. Let us take it from here, please. In order to secure the apostille or embassy legalization, we have worked with every state and nearly every nation. Let us tackle the bureaucratic red tape. We are aware of which offices to get in touch with to expedite the apostille procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Apostille on a document really valid only for six months?

Apostilled documents are valid for six months, independent of the method (SDM or State). You must confer with the experts after six months to ascertain if the document requires a new apostille.

How can I get in touch with PCC in Pune to get an apostille?

Okay! You can reach us by email at info@hrdattestation.in, via phone at Pune attestation service number +91 8320385436, or by completing the contact form on our service website.

What is the process to get an apostille in Pune?

All original documents that you desire to have apostilled must be present in order to receive attestation in Pune. The Final apostille process will not take place in Pune; rather, it will take place at the ministry. Only Maharashtra documents will receive certification from the state government in Maharashtra. like HRD and the Home Office. 

What Is The Total Cost Of Apostille Services In Pune?

According to the needs, government apostille services in Pune have different prices. It includes details on how many papers there are overall and which government agencies are handling the apostille process.

Which nations will accept my apostilled copies of my documents?

Okay! Your apostille stamps will not be requested by countries that are not signatories to the Hague Convention. On the other hand, your authenticated and apostille documents can only be accepted by countries that have ratified the Hague Agreement.

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