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Birth Certificate Apostille Apostille Services in Chennai

International study, employment, and overseas business expansion are now more accessible than ever. Apostille services in Chennai play an important role in this journey which removes barriers for both individuals and businesses. Moreover, PCC recognize itself by providing a certified and genuine certificate authentication process, which is required for visa applications and business growth in foreign countries

What is an Apostille Document?

An apostille is a type of authentication that is required for documents used in countries that are signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention. PCC helps certificate legalization by obtaining an apostille sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), ensuring the global authenticity of your documents. We offer both standard and quick attestation and apostille services in Ahmedabad. 

Why Apostille Your Documents?

Document apostille is required for work, study, residency, or business purposes in other countries. Countries require proof of an individual’s or company’s legitimacy, making legalization necessary. At PCC, we ensure that your documents are apostille-compliant, establishing trust and raising awareness in the global community

How to get a document apostille in Chennai / Tamil Nadu?

Apostilling documents can be really complicated, requiring the collection of originals or certified copies and submission to the authentications issuing office. PCC makes this process easier by providing committed document review services that ensure your documents meet all apostille or embassy attestation requirements. We handle the entire authentication process, from notary attestation to MEA apostille from Delhi.

What documents can be apostilled?

All Original documents and passport photocopies of the individual whose name appears on the document can be apostilled. We need passport photocopies for all ten people if an affidavit lists ten names. At PCC, we provide document authentication services for a wide range of documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates, and more. Our experienced and approved professionals ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the MEA apostille process, establishing us as a reliable apostille agency offering the best apostille services in Chennai

How many different types of document apostille exist?

Documents of many different kinds need to be authenticated, but PCC covers all three primary categories of document apostille:

Study Purposes:

Personal work:

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • PCC
  • affidavits
  • medical certificates
    Business Purpose:

  • GST certificates
  • export invoices
  • origin certificates
  • accounting powers

PCC understands the variety of needs for migration. Moreover, We easily customize our services to fulfill the unique requirements of every customer.

How long can it take to get the documents apostille in Chennai?

The time of document apostille is determined by the type of certificate legalization. The legalization of the document is dependent on the subsequent authentication process. With us, you can complete your document apostille in the least working days possible. When HRD is incorporated, the time required to complete the process is also affected. Furthermore, it varies from state to state and from university to university. At PCC we also Provide Speed Apostille services in Bangalore.

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Document Apostille Is Done Through How Many Processes?
Document Apostille can take place in two different ways.
The First Way:
For personal and educational documents, it is through the home department of Tamil Nadu, HRD, and notary. This is a lengthy process that can take anywhere from 25 to 30 days. Because, most important part is Verification from University. some time they take more time in verifying docuemnt authenticity.

The Second Way:
It is notary/ SDM for educational and personal documents. This process can be finalized in two to three working days. It is accepted in all Hague countries regardless of the state or university, with the exception of Italy, Austria, and Portugal Country.

Why Choose PCC PVT LTD?

After many years of committed service, we have earned the trust of the Chennai government as an authorized attestation company. Moreover, Accredited by the Ministry of External Affairs, we are the top attestation consultancy in India. Without hesitation, PCC PVT LTD is the best option for MEA  Apostille Services in Chennai. We are the default choice for both individuals and businesses because of our dedication to quality, transparent procedures, and customer-first outlook.

Our Services

100% Customer Satisfaction Service:

At PCC, Enjoy a guarantee of exceptional service and we ensure your full satisfaction throughout the process.

Documents from Anywhere in the World Accepted:

 We accept all documents from around the globe, making us your universal solution for online Apostille services in Chennai / Tamil Nadu.

Free Pickup/Delivery Service Available: 

With Us, Experience convenience with our door-to-door document collection and delivery services across India.

Physical Presence Not Required: 

Go through a hassle-free process without the need for your physical presence.

Safety and Authenticity:

 Your safety and authenticity are our top priorities. At PCC, We ensure the highest standards in all our Apostille services in Chennai.

Fastest & Hassle-Free Services:

Always benefit from our commitment to speedy and hassle-free government apostille services in chennai.

Authentication Process Followed By Us

1. Fill out the Order Form: Tell us your document authentication needs and destination country.

2. Upload or Mail Documents: Send us the original or certified copies for a free review.

3. Payment and Timeline: Receive a payment invoice and completion timeline. Pay only when your error-free documents are ready.

Let PCC PVT LTD simplify the complex document apostille process for you. Your global recognition journey starts here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to Apostille all of the documents in Chennai?

Yes, you can have your important documents apostilled in Chennai if necessary. For example, most people prefer to receive Apostille birth certificates, marriage certificates, affidavits, educational credentials, and other documents. Documents issued by apostille services in Chennai can thus be processed for Apostille.

Is a document's Apostille really only valid for 6 months?

Any document Apostille is valid for 6 months regardless of the process performed (SDM or State). After six months, you have to consult with the experts to determine whether the document needs a new Apostille.

Which apostille services in Chennai are the best?

In India, there are numerous Apostille services. However, we are the best apostille services in Chennai since we are fully authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs in India to perform this job, we are the fastest, safest, and we have consistent and proper support. 

What is the procedure to get an apostille in Chennai?

To get Apostille in Chennai, you need to have the original documents that are issued from Tamil Nadu. Apostille will be from the Central Ministry (MEA New Delhi). So you can’t get Apostille in Chennai but you can consult with Apostille Service consultancy in Chennai. Apostille can be done in 2 ways which is State Authentication / Attestation and Sub Divisional Magistrate ( SDM ) Attestation / Authentication.

Which countries will recognize my apostilled documents?

Well! Nations that are not Hague Convention members will not request your apostille stamps. Only the nations that have signed the Hague convention, on the other hand, are permitted to accept your apostilled and authenticated documents.

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