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If a person wants to move abroad, he should get the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA attestation. MEA attestation is done for educational, non-educational, and business documents. This sort of attestation is performed to demonstrate to the foreign authorities that the documents are genuine. The MEA attestation may only be performed after all other attestation processes have been completed.MEA attestation is required for those seeking admission to colleges or jobs in any foreign nation. It is the most crucial and most significant stage in the attestation process.  During the document legalization procedure, all sorts of documents (personal, educational, and commercial) require authentication (stamp) from the MEA. You can approach the Ministry directly, but if you do not understand how the system works, you will most certainly suffer delays. However, with PCC PT LTD Authority in India, you may get the best and fastest MEA attestation services in India. We give excellent service to our clients’ legalization requirements.  At PCC PVT LTD, we provide the best MEA attestation services in India to guarantee that your documents are properly and genuinely legalized.

What Exactly is MEA Attestation?

MEA attestation is the legalization of original documents by the Ministry of External Affairs. This government body plays a pivotal role in the country’s diplomacy, making MEA attestation a crucial aspect for anyone wishing to move abroad. This process is mandatory for various documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degree certificates, especially when moving to countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc.

Why is MEA Attestation Required?

MEA attestation becomes compulsory when individuals plan to pursue higher education, obtain resident visas, start businesses overseas, acquire work permits, or settle in foreign countries. It is the final and essential step in the attestation process, validating the authenticity of documents before foreign governments.

What are the Mandatory Documents Required for MEA Attestation?

Any person wants MEA Attestation on his or her documents these are required documents to be submitted first:

    • Original certificates for attestation.
    • For personal or educational documents: Civil ID copy, such as aadhar card or Passport copy.
    • For commercial documents: Cover letter on Company letterhead.

What is the Step-by-step Procedure for MEA Attestation?

1. Notary Attestation:

  • Initial stage of certificate authentication.
  • Can be done by the notary, University, or Chamber of Commerce.

2. State Attestation:

  • Involves three organizations according to the documents attestation. 
  • State Home Department (SHD) for personal documents, Human Resource Department (HRD) for educational documents, and then Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attestation is done.
  • SDM also operates independently and verifies documents on the state level.

3. MEA Attestation:

  • Final stage of authentication from the central govt.
  • MEA attestation in the form of a stamp or sticker is applied to the original document.

How long does it take for MEA Attestation?

In general, there are two methods. As therefore, the first MEA attestation procedure is well-known for being time-consuming and difficult. The thorough verification provides acceptability in all countries. As documents go through different stages of attestation, the completion estimate ranges from 25 to 30 days on average. At PCC PVT LTD, we understand the importance of time in your moving abroad. As a result, we provide a fast MEA attestation process that greatly minimizes the waiting duration. You may get MEA attestation in 2  days with our simplified processes and qualified employees.

Why Choose PCC PVT LTD?

PCC PVT LTD is an established leading Consultancy in terms of, embassy or consular legalization, and MEA attestation. We provide rapid MEA Attestation services in all major Indian cities. You may rest confident that we will treat all of your documents as if they were our own. The Government of India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has legally authorized PCC as an online MEA attestation service provider. PCC PVT LTD guarantees the highest levels of loyalty and quality. Our professionals have extensive expertise in this field, are well-equipped, well-informed about their jobs, and are constantly available. With extensive expertise in the field, PCC ensures 100% genuine MEA attestation and apostille services

Our Services

Free Pickup/Delivery Service:

We collect and deliver documents from your doorstep to ensure a hassle-free experience.


Fully Committed towards Document Authenticity:

To ensure the validity of your original documents, they are treated with the greatest of safety and expertise.


Experienced and Skilled Professionals:

 Our team is full of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in all types of MEA attestation and apostille services in India.


Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction:

PCC ensures stress-free and complete fulfillment of your MEA attestation and embassy’s legalization procedures.


Safety as Top Priority:

 Our secure office environment focuses on the confidentiality and security of your original certificate throughout the attestation process.


Fastest and Efficient Service:

 With the fastest approach, our expert team ensures the timely Ministry of External Affairs or MEA attestation.

Attestation Process Followed By PCC

1. Get in Touch: 

Call or email us or meet in person at our office.


2. Mail Documents:

Share your specific needs and provide the required documents for the MEA attestation and destination country details.

3. Delivery of Documents: 

A certified MEA attestation will be delivered to your door via email or other means.


4. Make Payment: 

Receive a bill for payment and a completion schedule. Pay once your legitimatE MEA attestation is completed.


For all MEA Attestation and apostille services in India, PCC PVT LTD takes care of the entire process, knowing which offices to contact for speedy attestation and apostille services.

How do I verify my MEA attestation?

The original document must first be verified by a notary in order to receive a MEA attestation. The final and final verification step is taking a look at the MEA stamp. This is from the Ministry of External Affairs, an Indian government department that stamps your document with a unique stamp.

Is India listed in Hague convention?

Yes, India is part of Hague Nation. To learn in details which nations are a part of the Hague Convention, you can Visit Official site of Hague.

Is apostille and MEA attestation the same?

No, both are different. MEA Apostille is done when a person is moving to the countries who are members of Hague convention. But, MEA attestation is done for all the countries which are not a member of Hague Convention and where Apostille is not accepted.

How do I get my MEA attestation online?

Well! E-sanad is e-Service for verification & attestation of documents of Indian Citizens. With PCC PVT LTD, you can be stress free for your mea attestation and safety of your original documents.

How can I get MEA Attestation on my Educational Certificates?

Whenever you want to get MEA attestation on your educational certificates you will have to go through the notarization first then HRD attestation and SDM attestation and finally MEA attestation is done. You can contact PCC PVT LTD to get MEA attestation on time.


What are the procedures for MEA attestation?

The whole procedure of MEA attestation can be very complex and time-consuming which is hardly possible to perform as an individual. So, PCC PVT LTD provides apostille and attestation services, certificate authentication services. We can help with the start to end process of verification by performing the procedure on your behalf, all you need to do is fill the inquiry form and provide us with your documents.

What is MEA?

MEA is a short form of ministry of external affairs

Is MEA attestation required for all documents?

Yes. All types of documents (Personal, Educational and Commercial) require the authentication (Stamp) as MEA attestation, during the process of document legalization.

What is an apostille with MEA?

An apostille with MEA means there is a special ‘sticker’ issued by the Ministry of External Affairs in your document. This stamp, which is applied to the back of the original document, indicates that it is legal and genuine.

What is the meaning of apostille by MEA?

The abbreviation for Ministry of External Affairs is MEA. It is the department for final documents apostille. Apostille is a form of stamp or sticker by the MEA department for authentication of your documents. The documents after the apostille are accepted in countries part of the Hague convention.

What is the difference between MEA and mofa?

Documents and certifications must be attested by various offices such as HRD, MEA, Embassy, and MOFA. MEA stands for the Ministry of External Affairs, which certifies original copies of documents to be used overseas. At the end of the process, the certificate is attested by MOFA (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). For example, if you wish to leave Dubai, you must still get your certificates attested by MOFA Dubai, because MOFA is a responsible body that oversees all activities in the region.

What is the purpose of MEA attestation?

MEA attestation is the process of legalization and authentication of any documents. It helps to prevent any illegal activities. And it is often a legal requirement for various purposes, such as immigration, employment, education, or business overseas.

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