MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs or MEA Attestation is the central government authority that is responsible for the management of the foreign affairs of India, which also authenticates the document issued from India. MEA Attestation is mandatory to obtain a stamp from the MEA for all types of documents during the process of document legalization.

Getting an MEA attestation in India can be both complex and time-consuming process but can be made accessible and facile with the indulgence of attestation service providers who are capable of providing MEA attestation service and assistance throughout the complete process.

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA attestation means getting a verification stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation on your documents. This central department deals with the external affairs i.e. anything related to foreign countries, hence when you seek certificate attestation in India it is necessary to verify your documents and certificates from the Ministry. This document legalization is the mandatory step for your documents to prove genuineness. External Affairs Department in Delhi has been responsible for centralized attestation but now it’s decentralized.

Is MEA Attestation Important?

MEA attestation is needed for a variety of reasons including resident visa, student visa and work visa; performing business from a foreign country. 

Do I need MEA Attestation? MEA authentication is essential if you want to travel to outside countries. MEA validation is performed for papers like academic, non-educational, and business documents. This kind of authentication is performed to prove that the certificates are not fake and are attested before the foreign agencies check.

 Ministry of External Affairs attestation for Saudi, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, etc. is required on many educational and personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, etc.

Having More Understanding of MEA authentication

The MEA validation can only be performed if the other attestation steps are over. You should know that MEA is an abbreviation for Ministry of External Affairs. It means a government concerned with international occurrences.

MEA validation is seen as an essential aspect of attestation assistance. The Ministry of external concerns is ideally responsible for carrying out foreign relations correctly. Therefore, an appointed minister by the government will be there in the Ministry of external issues.

MEA validation is the procedure of authenticating papers when an individual travel to foreign nations. MEA authentication of documents is an essential process. It is also a compulsory process for international journeys.

MEA authentication is performed to ensure valid documentation of settlers to the destination nation. MEA validation is performed from respective authorities linked to the paper going through the sequence. You must follow the process of Attestation in the outlined procedure.

MEA authentication is the process performed by the Ministry of external affairs. MEA validation intensifies the originality of the papers and makes them more convenient in foreign nations.  

How to get Ministry of External Affairs attestation?

This whole procedure of MEA attestation can be very complex and time-consuming which is hardly possible to perform as an individual. There are various MEA attestation agents who provide apostille attestation services, certificate authentication services. PCC is among those authenticate services that have acquired its reputation. We can help with the start to end process of verification by performing the procedure on your behalf, all you need to do is fill the inquiry form and provide us with your documents.

The process of MEA Attestation involves;

  • SDM involves the sub-divisional magistrate, or in another case, the HRD, which is the human resource development.MEA, the Ministry of external affairs.
  • Embassy validation.
  • MOFA, Ministry of foreign affairs.

MEA Attestation for Personal Document

While applying for legalization from MEA for personal Documents you first need to get a Notary certificate by local authorities then Home Department verification is required for MEA legalization of Personal Documents. After these authentications, MEA provides a stamp on documents to go for further process of legalization by the embassy. There is an alternative process for Home Department authentication i.e. SDM authentication.

  • Notary
  • Home Department Certification
  • Ministry of External Affairs Authentication

MEA Attestation for Educational Document

Depending on the origin or type of the document, the procedure for the attestation of educational certificates will vary. Following are given the different procedures that are specific to the place of issuance of the document and its kind.

MEA Attestation for Commercial Documents

In certification of commercial documents, the first and mandatory process is to get document verified from the Chamber Of Commerce. After verifying, they issue a stamp on your documents as proof of authentication. After the authentication from the Chamber of commerce, you need to get authentication from the central government to go for the further process which will be performed by the embassy.

  1. Chamber of Commerce
  2. Ministry of External Affairs

The main reasons for getting MEA authentication include;

  • Purposes of higher learning.
  • To possess a residential Visa.
  • Migration purposes.
  • For working or job purposes.

Every authentication, including MEA validation, can be performed only on original papers. MEA validation happens as the second aspect of attestation steps. The applicant must act in accordance with all the strategies of Attestation in the right way.

The individual applying must present every paper needed for MEA authentication without failing. In addition, the Ministry of external affairs carries out tasks for the foreign alliances of the nation.

While traveling overseas, a person’s papers must be documented and evidence checked. This helps to prove the originality of the documents. In this section, it is when MEA authentication becomes essential and compulsory. Attestation of papers is manifested by MEA authentication.

The Ministry of exterior affairs is the central government given authority by The Hague Nations. Every nation in The Hague convention must have a procedure of Attestation of documents before traveling abroad.

In all these countries, MEA authentication has a duty and attests to the documents issued by these countries in The Hague Convention. All kinds of papers that the person who wants to go abroad possesses require Attestation from the MEA. This is carried out during the steps of certification legalization.

What are the MEA Attestation fees?

The legalization fees vary based on the Indian state from which document is issued, your location, the type of your document. The cost could be reasonable or high, but this cost can also be affected by various reasons like the urgency of the requirement or other add-on services like pick-up and drop facility. For best MEA Attestation price, contact PCC executives now.

Simple step by step process for your application

PCC services help make various procedures mandated periodically much more convenient affirming client convenience. 

However, MEA validation is not the first Attestation procedure; certificates must be legalized from the respective departments initially. For instance, in the case of academic documents, credentials have to be authenticated from a relative state learning department initially. In the case of individual papers, certificates require to be validated from related local departments before MEA authentication.

You need to be very keen on why you require MEA authentication. The reasons are multiple, including employment visa, student visa, and native visa. Also, when you want to carry out a business overseas, you have to possess an authenticated business paper.   

In case the papers are not attested for validation, an individual can go through a hard session, or they can face rejection to settle in abroad. Therefore, MEA authentication is the process that can help you get access to every aspect you require in a foreign nation. The reason is, MEA validation is the procedure of confirming the validation of a paper and pronouncing its validation by adding it together with the sign of the confirmation personnel.

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