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What is a MOFA Attestation? Attestation is a process of legalizing the documents Under UAE Attestation by Legal Experts. PCC Provide MOFA Attestation services. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates offers a service of attesting all types of documents. Attestation is a process that confirms the validity of the seal and sign on the document, whether issued by UAE or from outside. For getting MOFA Attestation in UAE university or colleges, or for getting work permit in UAE, you want to get attestation from UAE.

What is a MOFA Attestation?

Attestation is a process of legalizing the documents so that they can be accepted of their authenticity. MOFA attestation includes of obtaining a stamp from Foreign Affairs as an agreed proof of the credibility of the document it is provided on. It controls the value of not only the documents but also the attestation from the MOFA is carried out after the authentication of documents from the embassy and other related documents. When expert services are selected to perform this particular method, there is no requirement for the candidate to be present in the country personally.

What is the importance of UAE Attestation?

MOFA verification is also done at the time of processing a labor card which is a work permit in UAE and other like countries. It is developed for the resident permit or for an employment visa as per the Labor Ministry. There are even clinics that are studying in curing diseases that are not correctable by every medical department. Obtaining a visa for the same also difficulties authentication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Which countries need MOFA Attestation?

Just as here is MOFA attestation for UAE, it is also compulsory for other Gulf countries as well. The list of the countries for which verification of documents from MOFA is compulsory are given below:


UAE attestation charges are determined dependent on the services that you purpose. Which include attestation of documents on an urgent basis, choosing for the pick-up and drop facilities, the type of documents, and others. UAE attestation fee ranges differently for personal and educational documents and even the commercial documents. In order to get the best deals on the services, contact our executives at PCC.

How long does MOFA, UAE take to attest certificates?

Generally, the time duration of authentication of documents from MOFA depends on several reasons, one of which is the country it is being attained for. MOFA attestation for UAE is one of the most common actions which requires about 4 to 6 business days. This period shall still vary because, at times, commercial documents may require only about 3 to 5 days while in cases of educational documents, the time required may be more than 07 days

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