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A degree certificate is given to a student upon completing a two-year or three-year or more than three years advanced educational course. After completing their Bachelor’s, Master’s, Master of Philosophy (M. Phil), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs, students receive degree certificates. The degree certificate serves as proof of specialized course completion. The Apostille stamp confirms the authenticity of your original degree for study or employment in Hague member nations. Therefore, a degree given by an Indian university must be apostille in India. The Ministry of External Affairs is the official authority for degree certificate apostille. At PCC PVT LTD, we offer the best attestation and Apostille services in India to ensure that your degree certifications are properly and authentically legalized.

What Exactly is a Degree Certificate Apostille?

Apostille is a legalization process in which your original degree is certified by the Ministry of External Affairs for use in a foreign country, either for employment or as a student. Degree certificate apostille is the procedure for obtaining MEA Attestation. Degree certificate apostille is useful because obtaining attestation from an embassy can be time-consuming for people who are unfamiliar with the process. We are one of the leading consultancies in India, delivering authentic Degree Certificate Apostille services in India and many other major cities

Why is a Degree Certificate Apostille Needed?

A degree certificate is proof that you have completed your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or any diploma. Degree Certificate Apostille is required if you are applying for a job outside of the country or moving abroad for education. They are now ready for use in any foreign country that is a Hague Member Country, such as Spain, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Kazakhstan, France, Mexico, and Brazil. So, All critical details, including marks, course, years completed, college, university, and any other essential educational information, are printed in the apostille original Diploma certificate attestation. When a certificate is attested in India, the other country is informed that all of the printed information is authentic and reliable.

What are the Documents Required for Degree Certificate Apostille?

To initiate the apostille process for your Degree Certificate, you need:

1. Original Degree Certificate
2. Photocopies of your passport front and back side
3. All semester Marksheet Or Transcript

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) accepts only original documents for apostille. to know more about this process i your city like bagalore, mumbai, delhi visit our respective pages.

What are the Procedures for Degree Certificate Apostille in India?

PCC PVT LTD makes the apostille procedure easier for you, with services available in major Indian cities. Our systematic procedure offers an easy solution for all of your degree certificate apostille needs.

First Method:
1. Notary Apostille:
Notary department Initiates the degree certificate apostille process.
2. State Home Department Apostille:
Based on the State Government/Union Territory, the officials do degree certificate apostille.
3. MEA Apostille:
The Ministry of External Affairs validates the degree certificate and provides the Orignal certificate apostille. Through this method, your degree certificate apostille process is completed in 25–30 days.

Alternative Method:

1. Notary Public Apostille:
Similar to State Attestation.
2. SDM Apostille:
Sub Divisional Magistrate directly attests an apostille degree certificate without any state attestations.
3. MEA Apostille:
The Ministry of External Affairs provides a degree certificate apostille. So, it is a quicker process which takes only 2–3 days.

What are the Different Types of Educational Degree Certificates Apostille?

At PCC, we offer apostille services for various educational certificates:

– UG, PG, and PhD Degree Certificates
– Engineering, Medical, Management, and Technical Certificates
– Diploma, Provisional, and Distance Education Certificates
– Master’s Degree, Higher Secondary, and Secondary Level Certificates

Why Choose PCC PVT LTD?

The degree certificate of Apostille is stamped by the central government. A candidate, however, cannot proceed directly to the Ministry of External Affairs to get an apostille stamp. So, you can send your degree certificate to PCC PVT LTD for Apostille Stamp. Further, PCC PVT LTD will assist you with PCC Apostille in India for educational or non-educational documents. PCC is a reliable consultancy that swiftly authenticates documents. In India, we can apostille a degree certificate. Different apostille techniques are required depending on the degree certificate requirements and timing. With extensive expertise in the field, PCC ensures 100% genuine certificate apostille and attestation services.

Our Services

Free Pickup/Delivery Service:
We collect and deliver degree certificates from your doorstep to ensure a hassle-free experience.
Commitment to Document Authenticity:
Your original degree certificates are handled with the utmost care and professionalism to maintain their authenticity.
Experienced and Dedicated Professionals:
Our team comprises experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in all University certificate attestation and apostille services.
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction:
PCC ensures stress-free and complete fulfillment of your degree certificate apostille and embassy legalization procedures.
Safety as Top Priority:
Our secure office environment prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your original degree certificate throughout the apostille process.
Fastest and Hassle-free Service:
With the fastest approach, our expert team ensures the timely degree certificate apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Apostille Process Followed By PCC PVT LTD

1. Get in Touch:
Contact us via phone @ +91 97276 32183 or by email at info@hrdattestation.in, also you can come in person at our office.

2. Mail Documents:
Share your specific needs and provide the required documents for the degree certificate apostille and destination country details.

3. Delivery of Documents:
A certified degree certificate apostille will be delivered to your door via email or other means.

4. Make Payment:
Receive a bill for payment and a completion schedule. Pay once your legitimate degree certificate apostille is completed.

For all degree certificate Attestation and apostille services in India, PCC PVT LTD takes care of the entire process, knowing which offices to contact for speedy attestation and apostille services.

FAQ's For Degree Certificate Apostille

Why is a degree certificate apostille necessary?

For the following reasons, your degree certificate has to be stamped with an apostille. ( Particularly for the Member Countries of HCCH): You are moving to a foreign country that is a member of Hague Convention to pursue work. You are moving to a foreign country that abides by the Apostille Convention to pursue your educational goals. Your degree certificate must be apostilled for the nation you are moving to accept it as an official foreign public document.

How can I have my degree certificates apostilled by the MEA?

The original documents or true copies of the original documents issued from the appropriate school boards or universities can be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs in India for an apostille or attestation on degree certificates.
First of all, contact us for the Apostille at PCC PVT LTD
Send the Degree certificate to us.
Receive your degree certificate after apostille on time at your address and pay us.

What is an apostille, exactly?

The procedure of authenticating documents to be used in other nations is called an apostille. It is carried out by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and is approved in every Hague Convention member nation. The MEA offers Apostille services for educational and personal documents, including secondary-level certificates, matriculation certificates, affidavits, and birth, death, and marriage certificates.

Are apostille certificates for degrees recognized in all nations?

No. You will require a degree certificate apostille to move for either employment or educational purposes to a country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention.

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