An apostille for a birth certificate is necessary for short-term and long-term travel abroad for employment, education, residency, and immigration. To put it in simple terms, an apostille is a process of legalization for documents that allows you to prove the legitimacy of the documents you require in the nation of your choosing. A certified copy of your birth certificate is acceptable for presentation in any Hague country. After the applicant has an apostille for their birth certificate, conducting more research on the certificate using other methods is unnecessary because it is now a legitimate document.

The Ministry of External Affairs is the appropriate authority. You can go with the Ministry directly, however, if you are unfamiliar with the way the department works, you are likely to face delays. It is, however, a tiring process. With PCC PT LTD, you may get the best and quickest apostille for your birth certificate in India. We give our clients excellent support for their legalization requirements. To guarantee that your domicile certificates are correctly and genuinely legalized, we at PCC PVT LTD provide the best attestation services in India for Apostille services.

What do you mean by Birth certificate Apostille?

The first document you receive from the government is your birth certificate. Your birth will first be officially recorded in the hospital, and then the local corporation will issue your nativity certificate. Obtaining an apostille for your birth certificate is particularly crucial if you plan to move overseas. An apostille of a birth certificate is required for work, education, or an Indian residence visa. A person’s birth certificate serves as proof of their date of birth and location of birth within the state in which they now reside. Apostille domicile certificates are fantastic since obtaining attestation from an embassy may be a difficult procedure for people who don’t know what to do. Our company is among the top consultancies in India, providing useful Apostille services for birth certificates in India.

Why is a birth certificate apostille needed?

There is no more inquiry carried out once the apostille on birth certificate documents is checked and stamped. As of right now, it is believed that every written item included in the birth certificate apostille is true and complete. They can now be used in any foreign nation that is a member of the Hague, including Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Spain, and the Czech Republic. The birth certificate becomes accurate, legitimate, and accepted by the MEA of HCCH Member Countries with the use of this apostille stamp. Since 2005, India has ratified the Hague Convention. Therefore, in order to study or work in a nation that ratified the Hague Convention, one must first undergo the apostille process for birth certificates

What are the required documents for the birth certificate apostille?

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) will only apostille original documents.

Your original or an online-verified document is required.

Certificate of School Leaving/10th Class Mark

ID proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, PAN card, or ration card)

Address proof (such as a bank passbook, electricity bill, or water bill)

Affidavit of your father and mother or of any other relative, such as an older brother or sister

Furthermore, a photocopy of the passport belonging to the individual whose name the document was issued is required. The passport’s front and rear pages are all that are required.

A couple of photographs the size of a passport are also needed.

What are the Procedures of PCC apostille in India?

At PCC PVT LTD, We can help you in birth certificate Apostille in India whether it is Educational or Non educational documents. PCC is a trustworthy consultancy that authenticates documents quickly. We may apostille birth certificate in India. Different apostille processes depend on birth certificate needs and timeframe.

First Method

Notary Apostille : First, notary attestation lays the framework for the notarized birth certificate apostille process.

Home Department Apostille

The signature of the authorized signing authority of the State Government or Union Territory serves as the next step for the Birth Certificate Attestation. The State Home Department is responsible for verifying the birth certificate. The Officials are simply employed to certify documents.

SDM Apostille

The SDM works personally and does the birth certificate apostille. It is a key process for the getting Certificate Apostille.

MEA Apostille

Finally, The MEA is the Central Government that Authenticates the Birth Certificate. Legalization of birth certificates is required by the Ministry of External Affairs. An Apostille is the name of the unique stamp. Although time-consuming, this rigorous process ensures acceptance in all Hague Convention nations. The completion estimate is 25–30 days.

Alternative method

Public Notary Apostille : Notary public attestation starts the birth certificate attestation process, like State Verification.

SDM Apostille

The Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attests to the birth certificate, avoiding the requirement for state attestations

MEA Apostille

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) apostille the birth certificates through a quicker process, validating them for all Hague Convention ratifiers except Italy, Austria, and Portugal. The fast apostille procedure takes 2–3 days.

At PCC, We provide best birth certificate Attestation services in India and for different purposes such as birth certificates.

Why Choose PCC?

In terms of birth certificate apostille, embassy or consular legalization, and attestation, PCC PVT LTD is an established leading Consultancy. We offer quick document apostille services via all of India’s main cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi,. You can be assured that we take care of all your documents as our own. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the Government of India has formally authorized PCC as an online attestation service provider. We work hard to give every one of our cherished customers prompt and efficient support. We handle all educational, personal, and commercial documents of Indian origins for apostille and attestation services in India. With extensive expertise in the field, PCC ensures 100% genuine birth certificate apostille and attestation services.

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To begin with, Get a copy of the birth certificate from the organization that issued it. A local notary public notarized birth certificate. Obtain an authentication from the Home Department of the state in which the notarized birth certificate was issued. For an apostille, submit the certified birth certificate to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). You have two options for doing this: in person or using the PCC Apostille services. Get the apostille birth certificate from the PCC PVT LTD office after paying the apostille charge.

Only original certifications are eligible to get an apostille. All signatures and stamps should be readable and clear on the original document, which should be in excellent shape. It cannot have any labels or marks from unknowns on it. Original documents are the only ones accepted for apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

A certificate of authenticity known as an apostille document attests to the fact that a notary public or other official has signed another document. It eliminates the requirement for further certification from the destination nation and is utilized in international law. It is issued by a government in accordance with the Hague Convention, an international pact that is enforceable in more than 120 nations.

To authenticate a document issued in the United States for use in India, you must first get an apostille from the state where the document was issued. The original birth certificate for your kid or a certified copy obtained from the County Clerk’s office must be mailed in order to have it apostilled.

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