GAD Attestation

Full Form GAD stands for General Administration Department; GAD attestation is administered by the Home Department of each state and it’s often known by this name; also commonly referred to as Home Department Attestation it serves a similar function in all but Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; though GAD Attestation remains more popular there than elsewhere in India.

GAD Attestation of educational certificates issued from government-recognized schools/universities of Andhra Pradesh or Telangana states is necessary in order to demonstrate its authenticity as Degree Certificate, Provisional Certificate or Single Status Certificate are produced from these schools/Universities. GAD Attestation also serves to prove personal documents like Single Status Certificate.

PCC Apostille provides Apostille and Attestation services without customer presence at any stage during verification process of Educational / Personal Certificate through GAD/Home Department for Attestation/Apostille process.

No matter the state in which you reside, an HRD and GAD attestation department should always be easily available to provide services to certify HRD/GAD documents.

Why GAD Attestation Is Required?

  • For Long Term Visa Application (Student, Work or Business, etc),
  • Getting Work/Reside Permit from Foreign Countries.
  • Proving the Authenticity of Educational or Personal Documents.

Procedure of GAD Attestation

Attestation for General Access Device (GAD) can only take place through Home Department in each respective state after notarisation from their local Notary has taken place. There are two steps required in completing the procedure of GAD Attestation.

  • Notary: Notary Attestation is the initial stage in legalizing any document, and notaries serve as impartial witnesses during document signing ceremonies.
  • GAD Attestation: Once Notary attestations have been completed, General Administration Department attests any requested documents with their seal of attestation.

How Long Will Attestation Take from GAD?

Attestation time frames vary significantly based on factors like document type and origin as well as chosen service provider/university attestation service providers.

Time Frame typically ranges between one and several weeks; depending on when and from which university the certification was issued; an official university certification must also be presented in order for any method for similarity certification to work effectively.

What Are Attestation Costs from GAD?

Certification verification services vary in their cost depending on various factors; costs could range anywhere between high and moderate depending on what documents need attestation, the university involved, their urgency of need etc.

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