Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) In Hyderabad

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) In Hyderabad

You and your family members must issue a police clearance certificate when requesting permanent habitation or citizenship in another country. The foreign country may ask for your papers when you request to visit as a visitor, learner, or temporary employee.

Different nations have various policies towards moving to other countries; the PCC will add multiple strategies and procedures. The steps for possessing a PCC are classified into two groups; those accompanied by ECR countries and those followed by those not of ECR.

Steps To Acquire PCC In Hyderabad

These are the steps to follow to perform the online submission;
The first step is to register via the Passport Seva Online Portal; click register on that platform. The after click on Pay and Schedule Appointment then you can views/ Submit.

Paying online is compulsory for reserving appointments. You can pay online employing the following methods; you can use a credit or a debit card, internet banking services, or SBI bank Challan.

The other step you must perform is to press the “Press Application Receipt” link to publish the application receipt with the application character number or the number showing when the meeting is schedule.

How to get PCC Certificate

The last step to follow for the online submission procedure includes; making a point to go to Passport Seva Kendra or the area passport office where the meeting is schedule, making sure to carry along the original certificates.
You have to understand that only a member of the family who is looking for a green card from overseas must issue a copy of their police clearance to the National Visa Center. In addition, the applicant also has to give the original or validated copy to their green card meeting.
A police clearance certificate is essential because it is a document that has all information of any arrests made against you. It also shows why you were arrested and feedbacks for such detentions.
If you have ever been involved in any criminal activities and have a criminal record, you may still be allowed a green card.


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