Apostille for Spain

Apostille for Spain

An Apostille is the process by which legal documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates and degree transcripts can be legalized to enable use in another country. When arrest is requested on any document it allows foreign authorities to verify its details are genuine and true as higher authorities add signature and stamp seals authenticating its authenticity and genuineness – India’s Ministry of External Affairs signs these legal proof documents that act abroad as proof.

Who has the Authority to do Apostille for Spain?

Each nation has an external affairs ministry (MEA in Spanish) which possesses the legal authority and capacity to affix Apostille stamps onto all documents related to work, studies or family matters.

If you plan to relocate to Spain, make sure that all necessary documents have Apostilles as soon as you land there; failing which, should any need arise for an Apostille with its Spanish translation and Apostille certificate back home through courier service will become very expensive, not to mention possible delays with Government agencies producing documents in time.

Why do you need Apostille for Spain?

In Spain, an Apostille serves to verify the authenticity of documents and certifications that traveller intend to present when arriving there. Therefore all travellers are obliged to have their documents Apostilled prior to travelling there.

An Apostille is necessary in Spain for various visa-related purposes such as student, resident, work and business visa applications.

In order to prevent any issues, it is crucial that a proper Apostille method be utilized.

Procedure of Apostille for Spain

There is an organized procedure for Apostille, including several pre authentications checks at both state and central levels depending on its purpose and destination country.

Human Resource Department and Home Department HRD and HD are responsible for authenticating documents issued from any location; once verified they add seal as verification proof on backside as proof.

Once all pre authentications are completed, documents are then forwarded to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for final apostille certification and stamping with an authentic proof sticker apostille on backside which serves as proof for visa purposes.

*Important Note – It is crucial that travelers to Spain make note that, once documents have been apostilled, no further attestation from an embassy may be required for entry.

Educational Certificate Apostille for Spain Process

  • Attestation from State Educational Department of concerned state
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India

Non-Educational Document Apostille for Spain Process

  • Attestation from State Home Department of concerned state
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India
  • Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India

Commercial Document/Certificate Apostille for Spain Process

  • Attestation from respective Chamber Of Commerce
  • General Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

How long will it take for me to receive the Document Apostille for Spain?

There is a long list of documents you may require for document authentication for Spain. The amount of time needed depends upon a number of variables such as which state issued your certificate, type of documents submitted for authentication or who issued them – generally anywhere from 15-30 business days depending upon these variables as outlined previously.

How Much Does it Cost to Apostille a Document for Spain?

Apostille services involve multiple levels of authentication for any document submitted for certification; fees usually depend on which certification process (MEA or others) and type is desired, along with urgency of having it done; our representatives offer best rates! For any more inquiries contact them now.

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