Apostille for Portugal

Apostille for Portugal

Apostille for Portugal in India is an independent process typically utilized via an apostille service in India. Authentication refers to authenticating documents in order to obtain visas or expand businesses within Portugal – this step should never be missed when planning on visiting. Using legalization services may make this easier as legalization processes can often take place quickly without you leaving home!

What is Portugal Apostille?

Document Authentication refers to obtaining the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) sticker to authenticate documents as part of legalizing required certificate legalization process for Portugal visit. Apostille documents in India can be delivered by MEA which is part of Ministry of External Affairs division within Indian government responsible for foreign affairs; MEA central government authentication provides with MEA stickers during this process.

How To Apostille Your Document For Portugal?

Before an Apostille Certificate can be approved by Portugal’s Ministry of Home or HRD Department and finally by MEA for legalization procedures, its contents need to first be approved by Home Ministry/HRD Ministry prior to submission for Apostille for legalization procedures for Portugal. Apostille serves an essential part of Legalization Procedure which verifies your documents & yourself for education/business activities/work or permanent residency status within Portugal nation.

When & Why is apostille required for Portugal?

An apostille is required when traveling or conducting business within Portugal for residency visa,  student visa, work visa, or profession purposes. An Apostille is used as proof that your documents can be accepted as authentic by Portuguese law authorities; an apostille stamp provides evidence that their validity has been assessed accurately by an authoritative body within that nation. Apostille reports provide judgment about document authenticity.

What is Apostille Stamp?

An apostille is a square sticker stamp with eleven standard fields printed into its form. On top is written “APOSTILLE,” under it the “Convention de La Haye du 5 October 1961” can be seen. Within these 11 fields will be various important information and, when placed upon documents as part of their content, an Apostille Certificate will also be attached backside as evidence of authenticating authentication of documents submitted for authentication by using Apostille certificates attached backside in turn to complete its validity.

Procedure for Educational Certificate Apostille for Portugal

An Apostille stamp serves as legal proof that will validate educational documents such as Degree, Diploma, HSC/SSC Marksheet/School Report etc. in Portugal in order to get student and employment visas.

  • Notary Stamp
  • SDM / Home Department / HRD
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA India)

Procedure for Personal Documents Apostille for Portugal

An apostille stamp authenticates personal certificates such as Birth, Marriage, Affidavit, Medical or PCC documents in Portugal to establish their legitimacy as genuine. With its use, Portugal recognizes these personal documents and confirms them accordingly with their ministry.

  • Notary Stamp
  • SDM/Home Department Stamp
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

Procedure for Commercial Documents Apostille for Portugal

Doing business in Portugal, or exporting goods there? Before doing so, however, apostille of commercial documents for Portugal must first take place. You will be subject to getting their Commercial certificate Apostille stamped at the Ministry of External Affairs – such documents include Invoice, Incorporation and Registration documents along with Board Resolution documents like Board resolution powers of Attorney, Memorandum Articles Association Packing List Bill of lading certificates need to go through an Apostille process which you should obtain through MEA as part of legalization processes in Portugal – getting all these specific Apostille stamped from them would save time during legalisation processes in Portugal!

  • Chamber of Commerce Stamp
  • Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs

Required documents for the Apostille Process

An Apostille stamp should only appear on original certificates; therefore, all signatures and stamps should be easily legible, without alien labels/markings being present on them.

  • Original documents
  • Copy of Passport or Driving License etc…
  • For Business documents, Company Covering letter favour to The Ministry of External Affairs.

Documents are classified into three categories


The Ministry of External Affairs can approve three different kinds of commercial documents. Before reaching its Apostille certification stage, each must first go through mandatory primary legalization process from multiple authorized bodies before receiving its certificate attestation for primary, secondary or tertiary legalisation depending on its kind. The certificate attestation process in Portugal depends on what sort of documents have to be legalised as per Portuguese legislation.

How long does the Apostille Procedure take time?

On average, the Apostille process usually takes 7 to 10 working days but may be completed sooner depending on its nature and where issued from; there may also be alternatives that help speed the process along faster.

How Much Does It Cost to Apostille a Document?

Apostille legalization fees largely depend upon what legalization process is necessary, from just MEA legalization through all levels, but their range varies significantly, especially due to urgency factors when authenticating documents – reach out today and speak to our executives for the best deals!

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