Apostille for Lithuania

Apostille for Lithuania

Apostille for Lithuania in India is typically accomplished via apostille services in India, though authentication for Lithuania requires authenticating documents that you plan on presenting when applying for visa or expanding business within Lithuania – this step must not be overlooked when visiting or expanding business operations there! For ease of legalisation services Lithuania Apostille services offer legalization solutions quickly so as to streamline this procedure within your comfort zone without disrupting daily life!

What Is Lithuania Apostille?

Legalization or Document Legalization refers to obtaining the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) sticker to validate documents so you can demonstrate both authenticity and purpose for visiting Lithuania. Apostille documents in India can be provided by MEA which serves as part of India’s Ministry of External Affairs for foreign affairs responsibilities – providing central government authentication where MEA applies an MEA sticker in this process.

Why do you need an apostille for Lithuania?

Legalizing documents is often necessary during the application and expansion process in Lithuania, such as visa processing or expanding business there. Legalization often comes into play because Lithuania is part of Hague Convention or Apostille Convention which demands documents with MEA stickers to allow visitors into their nation – this helps convey trustworthiness for visitor entering country thus necessitating legalization as part of ensuring safety measures against counterfeit documents entering. Therefore legalizing of documents becomes essential.

How to get an Apostille for Lithuania?

When seeking Apostille services for Lithuania it is essential to take note of specific criteria when looking for legal authentication services. An ideal agency will have certified individuals handling certificate authentication to prevent potential mistakes during authentication processes. At PCC Apostille, our Apostille services are top notch; with experienced and dedicated staff behind our agency. Customer comfort is of utmost importance and we ensure we fulfill their needs as best as we possibly can. PCC Apostille is widely recognized for their experience and professionalism when it comes to legalization procedures, providing quality services at every turn for their clients across India

Procedure for Lithuania Apostille

Lithuania’s apostille process can take time due to being distributed. Each certificate goes through various levels of verification before eventually receiving an MEA stamp on it from India’s Ministry of External Affairs – however starting on January 1, 2019 this was regionalized across lot of cities in India such as:

ThiruvananthapuramAhmedabadNew Delhi
Navi MumbaiHyderabadCochin
  • Regional Level: This initial phase of certificate authentication involves authenticating documents issued from notaries, universities or the Chamber of Commerce according to your documents’ needs – or, when dealing with commercial documents issued outside these environments.
  • State Government: Document verification in a state government context is conducted by three different organizations depending upon its particular needs: State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD) and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), with SDM’s authentication still considered at state-wide levels.
  • Apostille: At this stage, the MEA provides an applicant with a sticker with his or her information printed upon it. Sometimes an MEA stamp may also be mandated on documents that pertain to commercial activities as the final step for Apostille processing performed by central government agencies.

Types of Documents for Apostille

There are three broad categories of documents suitable for Apostille; Educational, Personal and Commercial documents. Each group requires different procedures when applying for Apostille certification.

Educational Documents

When it comes to educational documents, all academic certificates and documents of an individual that pertain to school education such as UG certificates, 10th marksheets, 12th marksheets, PG certificates as well as any diploma, doctorate degree or engineering degrees that they hold.

Apostille Process includes

  • Authentication by State Human Resource Department (HRD)
  • Apostille by MEA

Personal Documents

Apostille by MEA Personal documents which display personal data of an individual such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, medical certificate, divorce decrees require authentication by state HRD prior to being attested for Apostille by MEA. These include birth certificate apostille/apostille procedures by MEA in addition to documents like medical certificate or birth certificates etc.

Apostille process includes

  • Pre-Authentication by recognised Chamber of Commerce (COC)
  • Apostille by MEA

Commercial Documents

Commercial documents encompass certificates and documents related to running your own business such as certificate of origins, registration certificates and power of attorneys among many others. These include business registration certificates, certification of origin certificates as well as power of attorneys among many more.

Apostille process includes

  • Pre-Authentication by recognised Chamber of Commerce (COC)
  • Apostille by MEA

Essential Documents Needed for Lithuania Apostille

  • Passport Copy and Passport Size Photograph
  • Original Set of Documents or Certificates to be attested
  • Copies for Semester Results or Offer Letters, Employment etc
  • Company letter on its letterhead and other related documents for commercial documents.
  • Translation of Apostille Documents

All documents should be in proper condition.

How long does it take to obtain a Document Apostille in Lithuania?

Legalizing various documents takes some time depending on several factors (for instance where your certificate originated or where the legalization request lies). On average it will take from 2-3 weeks up to 25 days, although the timeframe may differ based on specifics mentioned previously.

What is the Cost to Apostille a Document?

Apostille attestation fees vary based on what type of document certifications are desired – be they MEA certification only or all levels including MEA authentication as well. When calculated, legalization cost range widely and depend heavily upon urgency & expedience factors as these can play a big role when estimating legalization cost; our executives offer exceptional deals!

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