Apostille Services in Kochi

Apostille services in Kochi is the legalization of any document issued in Kerala or India to any other country. Attestation in Kochi is the process of having original documents apostille. The Apostille is valid for documents from countries listed in the 1961 Hague Convention. There are 91 countries listed in Apostille treaty, and any foreign issued document must be legalized in order to be accepted by the traveling country. Document Apostille is required for all visas, including work visas, student visas, residency, and business visas. PCC PVT LTD specializes in Apostille services for a variety of certificates, including birth, marriage, commercial, and educational certificates. We provide a seamless and experienced service for both personal and business documents issued in Kochi /Kerala.

Apostille Services in Kochi, Degree Certificate Apostille

What Exactly is an Apostille?

An Apostille is more than a stamp; it is a guarantee to your document’s international validity. So, This square-shaped sticker, issued by India’s Ministry of External Affairs(MEAs), is of the utmost significance. At PCC PVT LTD, we take pride in being a prestigious consultancy that ensures Quick and the best Apostille services in Kochi, facilitated by our team of experienced experts.

Why is Apostille Documents Required?

Whether it’s for a work visa, a student visa, residency, or business purposes, Apostille serves as a seal of approval. So, Consulates in many countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and other European nations require an Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs for documents issued in Kochi. At PCC Attestation, we provide Apostille services in Kochi /Kerala for a variety of certificates, including commercial, educational, and personal documents.

How to Apostille the Document in Kochi?

The Indian government’s recent decentralization of the Apostille procedure has facilitated the process. As your accountable consultancy, PCC PVT LTD provides two distinct procedures: state authentication followed by MEA Apostille for higher studies and an alternative route beginning with Notary Public for other purposes. Our exceptional customer service is available 24*7 to answer your questions and walk you through the process.

What All Documents are Required for Apostille Service in Kochi?

The following certificates must be presented for Apostille:
All original certificates that require Apostille.
Copy of civil proof of identity, such as a passport or a driving license, etc.
For business documents, a cover letter should be written in favor of the Ministry of External Affairs.

We provide the best Apostille services in Kochi for many types of certificates with different purpose, including For personal Work(birth certificates, marriage certificates, PCC, affidavits, medical certificates), for study(degree certificates, bonafide certificate, transcript document), For business(powers of attorney, GST certificate, export invoices, and certificates of origin).

All Types of Document Apostille Categorized into Three Divisions

1. Personal Document Apostille:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Single Status Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate

2. Educational Document Apostille:

  • Degree Certificates
  • Diploma Certificates
  • Mark sheets
  • SSC Certificate
  • HSC Certificate
  •  Bonafide Letter
  •  Transcript certificate 

3. Commercial Document Apostille:

  • Export Invoice
  • GST Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • GMP Certificate
  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • MOA, AOA
  • Board Resolution
  • Health Certificate
  •  Shareholder Certificate
  • Agreement
  • Analysis Report

How Long Does the Document Apostille Services Take Time in Kochi?

The time required for online Apostille services in Kochi depends on the type of certificate and the issuing location. PCC Apostille and attestation simplifies and fastens the process to complete your document Apostille in as soon as possible. Our team’s efficiency remains outstanding which makes us the preferred choice for timely Apostille requirements.

What Are the Document Apostille Procedures?

Apostille is possible through two ways.
First Way:
Through Notary/HRD OR home department for educational and personal documents. This process is time-consuming, taking around 25 to 30 days, depending on the state and university Verification in Kochi.
Second Way:
Through Notary/SDM/MEA Apostille for both educational and personal documents. This process is quick, completed in just 2 to 3 working days. Regardless of the state or university, it’s accepted in all Hague countries, except Italy, Austria, and Portugal.

Why Choose PCC?

PCC PVT LTD is a professional and authorized consultancy dedicated to streamlining Apostille and Embassy Attestation services across India. At PCC, Our mission is simple: to provide the straightforward and most convenient Apostille services Kochi/Kerala. Further, With the goal of becoming the best Apostille Services Consultancy in the Kochi, we prioritize full customer satisfaction to ensure that each milestone contributes to our continuous growth.

Apostille Process Followed By PCC

We can assist you whether you require an apostille for commercial or personal documents. 

1. Completing the Order Form 

Tell us the target country and the documents you need to be authenticated.

2. Send or Upload Documents: 

For a complete examination, please submit original or certified copies to us.  

3. Send the Payment: 

Get a bill for payment and a schedule for completion. Pay just once your Apostille documents are completed.

All you need to do is that. Let us take it from here, please. In order to secure the apostille or embassy Attestation, we have worked with every state and nearly every nation. Let us tackle the bureaucratic red tape. We are aware of which offices to get in touch with to expedite the apostille procedure.

FAQ'S For Apostille in Kochi

How can I contact PCC in Kochi for apostille service?
Well! Fill out the contact form on our service page, call us at Kochi attestation service number +91 8320385436, or email us at info@hrdattestation.in.
Is attestation necessary after the document apostille?
No, there is no need for attestation after the apostille.
How Much Do Apostille Services In Kochi Cost?
The cost of government apostille services in Kochi varies depending on the requirements. It contains information about the total number of documents and the government departments engaged in the apostille procedure.
In Kochi, where can I get an Apostille stamp?
An Apostille stamp cannot be obtained by an individual on their own. MEA issues the Apostille stamp only after the documents have been properly verified. You are looking for Kochi attestation service near me. So, You may easily get your documents apostilled in Kochi with the help of our skilled team.

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