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When an Indian travels overseas for further education or employment, and if the country of destination is a Hague Convention Country (HCC), the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) must attest and apostille certain relevant documents, such as the degree certificate. Apostille certification attests to the validity of the signature, the legal capacity of the signatory, and the identity of any seals or stamps attached to the document. It is, however, a tiring process. Thus, you can get the best and quickest attestation possible with PCC apostille services in bharuch. The process of apostilling documents in bharuch involves multiple steps. It must be assessed by the State Home Ministry, or SDM, of Gujarat. Finally, the document is apostilled by the MEA. Here at PCC, we offer the best attestation services in bharuch to ensure that your certifications are properly and authentically legalized.

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What do you mean by Apostille?

An apostille is a procedure developed to streamline the authentication of documents issued by a recognized institution in any country.   When a document is apostilled, it is recognized as legally binding and legitimate in nations that are signatories to the Hague Convention, which also includes India. This eliminates the need for further authentication from foreign embassies, therefore simplifying the overall legalization and document attestation procedure. Our Consultancy, PCC Pvt Ltd, provides exceptional and the best Apostille services in bharuch which guarantees the accurate and efficient authentication of your documents.

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Why is the document apostille really needed?

For those who want to go overseas for business, further education, employment, or other reasons, a document apostille is essential. The approach makes sure that documents issued by one nation are legally recognized in another to reduce the formerly tedious and complicated verification processes. This procedure has been made much simpler by the Hague Legislation Convention, which reduced the number of stages needed to make a document legally binding. The most affordable apostille services in bharuch are offered by PCC Pvt Ltd, which makes it easier for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to quickly stamp all of your documents.

Which documents are required for apostille services in bharuch?

For a seamless document apostille service, ensure you have the following documents:

1. Originals of the documents you want to Apostille.
2. Passport for identification.
3. Passport size photographs (optional).
4. Authorization letter on a 20 rs bond if someone is collecting on your behalf (only if state attestation is required).

What are the exact procedures of document apostille in bharuch?

The document apostille procedure for study or personal documents in bharuch involves two ways:

First Method:

Beginning with the Notary’s Attestation, the Apostille procedure can get started. The document will be attested by the appropriate state-level attestation centers after the notarization process. Attestation from the HRD or the Higher Education Department is required if the document is educational in nature. On the contrary, depending on the availability in the relevant state, documents that are not educational certificates will be attested by the General Administrative Department (GAD), Regional Attestation Centre (RAC), Home Department, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), etc. Apostille processing by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) follows the completion of the aforementioned two attestation processes. Depending on the state and institution, this procedure might take anywhere from twenty-five to thirty days. 

Second Method:

Another method of obtaining an apostille exists. A Notary Public will attest to the document or certificate as the initial step in this procedure. Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attestation of the certificate is the next step. The last step is for the certificate to be apostille-ed by the MEA. Please note that this technique is specifically designed for MEA. Nonetheless, this procedure is admissible in any country that is a party to the Hague Convention. You may expect this to be finished in as little as two or three business days. It is recognized in all Hague nations (with the exception of Italy, Austria, and Portugal), regardless of the state or institution.

If you need your papers authenticated quickly, PCC is the responsible consultant to call. although, Any document issued in bharuch, whether it is an educational certificate or not, may be apostilled by our office.

What are the documents you can get apostilled?

Our Excellent support is provided by apostille services in bharuch for client’s legalization needs. We provide apostille services for various document types:

1. Personal Documents Apostille: 

Marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, adoption decrees, medical certificates, police clearance certificates (PCCs), certificates of employment, certificates of migration, copies of passports, and so on.

2. Educational Documents Apostille: 

Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Transcript, Mark sheets, SSC certificate, HSC certificate, etc.

3. Commercial Documents Apostille: 

Memorandum Of Association, Power of Attorney, Authority Letter, Board Resolution, Article of Association, GST Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Insurance Certificate, Invoice Bills, etc.

What are All three types of document apostille Categorized?

Basically, Documents of many kinds require authentication, but PCC handles the three main types of document apostille:

Study Document Apostille:

(transcript documents, degree certificates, and authentic certifications),

Personal work Document Apostille:

(medical certificates, affidavits, PCC, birth certificates, and marriage certificates),

Business Document Apostille:

(origin certificates, GST certificates, export invoices, and accounting Powers).
Among the various consultancies, PCC bharuch Apostille services are the most reliable. When attesting your documents, we always use the most reliable procedure and see to it that everything is completed in the allotted time.

Why Choose PCC?

To finish your document apostille as quickly as possible, PCC PVT LTD streamlines and expedites the entire process. Because of our team’s continued exceptional performance, we are the go-to option for urgent Apostille needs. Without a doubt, the greatest choice for apostille services in bharuch is PCC PVT LTD. We are the go-to option for both people and companies due to our commitment to excellence, open practices, and customer-first mentality. Our goal is to offer the easiest, most hassle-free apostille services possible on a global scale. Our goal is to become the best apostille services consultancy in the world.

Our Services

Complete client satisfaction:

Enjoy the assurance of first-rate service at PCC, and we make sure you’re completely satisfied at every step of the way.

No-cost Pickup and Delivery: 

At PCC, we provide apostille services in bharuch by retrieving documents from your doorstep and returning them to you.

Service Provided All Over India: 

PCC provides excellent apostille services to customers from all across India through its branches.

Top Safety and Legitimacy:

 Our first goals are your safety and sincerity. At PCC, we guarantee the best quality in all of our apostille services in bharuch.

Highest Effective Work:

Our ethical duty to our clients supports our quality-driven apostille procedures.

Quickest & Most Affordable Services:

Always take advantage of our dedication to providing quick and easy government apostille services in bharuch.

Apostille Process Followed By PCC

We can assist you whether you require an apostille for commercial or personal documents. 

1. Completing the Order Form 

Tell us the target country and the documents you need to be authenticated.

2. Send or Upload Documents: 

For a complete examination, please submit original or certified copies to us.  

3. Send the Payment: 

Get a bill for payment and a schedule for completion. Pay just once your flawless documents are completed.

All you need to do is that. Let us take it from here, please. In order to secure the apostille or embassy legalization, we have worked with every state and nearly every nation. Let us tackle the bureaucratic red tape. We are aware of which offices to get in touch with to expedite the apostille procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does India apostille cost?

Apostille Cost is Depend on docuemnt type and package. there are many  type of document like :

  1. Educational Document
  2. personal docuemnt
  3. commercial Document
Is apostille same as notary in India?

Apostille and Notary is not a Same : Notary is a initiate step of Getting Apostille Stamp on your Docuemnt. Notary is a one type of Red Seal of Indian Government.

Apostille is Done by MEA (ministry of external affairs) and Notary Done by any Lawyer in India.

What is the meaning of apostille attestation?

Apostille and Attestation Both are almost same word. Apostille is a just a Square shape Stamp which is Done by Indian ministry after  Verification of your docuemnt with State Government Attestation.

Is apostille legalization?

In India Apostille and legalization both are different Process : Apostille is Done by Indian ministry of external affairs and Legalization is Done by Country Embassy.

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