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When an Indian travels overseas for further education or employment, and if the country of destination is a Hague Convention Country (HCC), the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) must attest and apostille certain required documents, such as the degree certificate. It is, however, a tiring process. Thus, you may get the best and quickest attestation possible with PCC apostille services in Guwahati. The process for documenting the apostille in Guwahati involves many procedures. It has to be assessed by the State Home Ministry of Assam, or SDM. Finally, the MEA can apostille the original document. Here at PCC, we offer the best attestation services in Guwahati to ensure that your certifications are properly and authentically legalized.

What is the Apostille document?

Document apostille is a square stamp that is digitally generated and applied to the back of your original documents. Every one of these apostille stamps has its own identity. The Ministry of External Affairs handles this apostille process for the use of our official documents in countries that are signatories to the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention. This is fantastic as, for people who are unfamiliar with the procedure, obtaining attestation from an embassy might be a laborious task. We provide apostille services in Guwahati at PCC. We are one of the most prestigious consulting firms in India, providing useful apostille services in Guwahati and all other major Indian cities like Our Attestation Services in Mumbai and Attestation Services in Delhi.

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Why is an apostille document required?

In many situations, a document apostille is necessary. For instance, a person needs their documents to be apostilled if they are traveling overseas for further study, a job opportunity, etc. Prior to the Hague Convention, the process of authenticating a document was exceedingly complex due to the involvement of several parties in establishing its legality. Document apostille is only performed when a nation is a signatory to The Hague Convention (1961). A document that has been apostilled by any of the 117 member nations of the Hague convention is fully legitimate in the remaining 116 nations. This eliminates the requirement for everyone to have their documents independently authenticated in every nation. Hence, to get your documents apostilled, you can avail our cheapest apostille services in Guwahati which will help you get your documents stamped by MEA.

Which documents are required in total for apostille services in Guwahati?

A variety of documents must be submitted in order to receive an apostille stamp.
1. An original document, such as a marriage, degree, death, or other certificate, that needs to be attested.
2. First and last pages of the document holder’s passport photocopy
3. An acknowledgment letter from the RPO is needed if the document is PCC (Police Clearance certificate).
4. a photocopy of a license and Aadhar card.
At PCC, We provide Apostille of Birth, Marriage, PCC, Degree, Diploma Certificate Apostille for Hague member Countries.

What are the Procedures of document apostille in Guwahati?

The apostille and attestation procedure varies depending on the type of certificate and the destination country. In India, there are two processes for certificate apostille and attestation:

First Process:

The Apostille process begins with the Notary Attestation. The document will be Attested by the respective state level Attestation Centers after it has been Notarized. If the document is educational, it will be attested by the Human Resources Department (HRD) or the Higher Education Department. If the document is not an educational certificate, it will be attested by the General Administrative Department (GAD), Regional Attestation Centre (RAC), Home Department, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), and so on, depending on the availability in the concerned State. Once the Certificate has received the above-mentioned two Attestations, it will be Apostilled by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This process takes approximately 25 to 30 days, depending on the state and university.

Alternate Process:

There is one other Apostille process. During this process, the document or certificate will first be attested by a Notary Public. The certificate will then be attested by a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM). Finally, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) will apostil the certificate. This procedure is only applicable to MEA. This procedure, however, is accepted by all Hague Convention Members worldwide. This procedure is quick, taking only 2 to 3 working days to complete. It is accepted in all Hague countries, except Italy, Austria, and Portugal, regardless of state or university.

PCC is the accountable consultancy giving true authentication of documents in the quickest time possible. We can Apostille all documents issued from Guwahati whether it is Educational or Non educational documents.

How are all documents that require apostille and attestation categorized?

At PCC, We provide best Attestation services in Guwahati and for many types of certificates with different purpose,

Documents that require an Apostille stamp fit into three categories:
Personal Work Document Apostille:
(birth certificates, marriage certificates, PCC, affidavits, medical certificates)

Study Document Apostille:
(degree certificates, bonafide certificate, transcript document)

Business Document Apostille:
(powers of attorney, GST certificate, export invoices, and certificates of origin).

Why Choose PCC Apostille?

The Government of India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has legally authorized PCC as an online attestation service provider in Guwahati. We are a well-known Indian consultancy that provides document attestation and apostille services in Guwahati. We strive hard to provide timely and effective service to all of our valued clients. We apostille and attestation all educational, personal, and commercial documents of Indian origin. PCC guarantees 100% authentic apostille and attestation services in Guwahati thanks to its extensive experience in the field.

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We collect and deliver documents from and to your home for Apostille services in Guwahati.

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Our team ensures that attestation and Apostille are done correctly and efficiently.

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Complete and stress-free completion of your Apostille and embassy legalization procedures.

Our top priority is safety:
Your documents are handled securely and carefully.

Quick and Hassle-free Service:
At PCC, We ensure MEA Apostille in a timely manner by employing the quickest approach.

Apostille Document Tracking Service:
With our apostille document tracking service, you may enjoy a stress-free experience and get updates about your documents.

Apostille Process Followed By PCC

Our Apostille and attestation services in Guwahati assist in the attestation of a wide range of certificates to satisfy the different demands of our clients. We are India’s most established apostille service provider, serving customers across the country. Also you can Submit Document at our office for Apostille services in New Delhi.

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That is all you have to do. PCC Attestation services in Guwahati will take it from here. We know what offices to contact in order to get the speed attestation and apostille services done quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Apostille

Who can apostille a document in India?

The process starts from the document’s original issuing authority, typically the local notary, followed by state authentication and finally, the MEA Apostille.

What is the Hague Convention?

Formed in 1961, the Hague Convention simplifies the legalization process with the Apostille document, recognized by member countries.

Is normal attestation accepted as apostille?

No, normal attestation is for non-Hague Convention countries and is not accepted in member countries.

When do I need to get an apostille stamp?

Whenever traveling to a Hague Convention country, an Apostille stamp is essential for legal document recognition. Without it, entry to member countries is restricted. Trust PCC Pvt Ltd for a smooth and efficient Apostille process.

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