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What is certificate attestation in Kerala?

Attestation is one kind of procedure for verify the authenticity of your document. It can be done by a Notary, Home Department, HRD, Embassy, or government body. This service is very valuable for educational certificates, diplomas, and passports. This document requires various work like employment, immigration, visa, etc.

It provides an added level of security between authorities. Document legalization is necessary for employment, visas, or business expansion in many cases. A qualified person or agency performs attestation. In some cases, a person may need to have the attestation done to apply for a certain job or a particular visa.

Important Documents

Obtaining legal attestation requires a few steps:

  1. The document must be legally attested by the HRD of the candidate’s country or state.
  2. The Home Department of Kerala must attest to the documents.
  3. The Embassy should attest to the documents.

The procedure is different for each country, but some common steps are the same. This document requires when you travel from India to another country.

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How to do certificate attestation in Kerala?

Several firms offer attestation services. It is important that you do not hand over your documents to an agent who might not be certified. A fake attestation can land you in trouble and even a life ban. Also, the staff is experienced and qualified. Here are some tips to help you find the best attestation services in Kerala.

Steps for certificate attestation in Kerala

Step first is, first of all, to get the document certified. During this process, a Notary Public attests to the document.  Once the certificate attestation in Kerala has been completed, the certificate will be deemed genuine.

The third step is to submit the document. Then, you should request the attestation. If you need an official attestation, you must present a copy of your document. A government office in Kerala will certify your documents.

You can also go through the home department to get your certificate certified. However, the Ministry of External Affairs will have to certify the document if it is foreign.

Requirement of Kerala attestation?

Attestation requires the signature or seal of designated authority. Attestation of a document is needed for various purposes including visas and business expansion. There are many firms in Kerala that provide attestation services. Hence, careful research is necessary before selecting one. Hrd attestation services have 5years of experience and ISO-certified staff. 

The process of attestation is by submitting the document that needs to the attestation department. The document must be sign by an authority, which will accredit it. The Notary Public may perform this attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs of New Delhi, the Home Department, the Ministry of Education, the Embassy of India, and the Notary Public.

A notary will conduct an attestation in Kerala. The notary will supply the forms free of charge. Then, the applicant should bring a passport for the attestation process. The application form should be accompanied by two recent passport-size photographs and copies of the pages of the passport.

How to do personal document attestation in Kerala ?

Personal document attestation is important if you are planning to move abroad and need your documents to be legalize. The procedure differs between countries, and some countries require attestation, and the procedure differs from one country to another. Usually, the first step is obtaining attestation from the country of origin, and this is require for travel documents, passports, and other official documents.

Depending on the document you need to attest, there are several different districts in Kerala where you can obtain attestation. The home department of the state of origin is the designated authority, and the PCC issues SHDs in most of the states in India. However, if your documents require specialized certification, you can get them from any of the regional offices of NORKA-ROOTS.

It requires an original document. For example, you will be required to produce your passport to the appropriate district for attestation. When submitting your documents to the state of Kerala, you will need to attach two recent passport-size photographs and copies of the relevant pages. The home department stamp is of the utmost significance as evidence that your document has been legalize.

Cost of certificate attestation in Kerala

You may be wondering about the cost of  Kerala attestation. Whether you are in India or abroad, the cost will depend on which certificate you need apostilled. The Ministry of External Affairs processes certificates on a minimal schedule and a limited number of working days. Depending on the document you need to certify, the processing time is five to seven days. If you are in India, the process will take as little as two hours.

You can opt for an SMS service that sends you updates on the status of your application, including the final collection date. This service is available in Hindi and English. 

To get a certificate attestation in Kerala, you will need to submit it to a certified public servant at the Ministry of External Affairs. Upon receive the letter, the minister will attest the document and provide it to the Embassy of the country it was issue in.

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