E-Sanad for Attestation & Apostille in India

With digitalization transforming document authentication and legalization processes, individuals and organizations now have a much faster, simpler solution for meeting all their document-related needs more quickly. E-Sanad provides this more efficient service; therefore in this comprehensive guide we will cover its features, functions, services offered as well as how it operates.

What Is E-Sanad?

E-Sanad, launched by the Indian government to streamline and digitalize document issuance and verification procedures across its offices nationwide, reduce paperwork while eliminating physical visits as well as increasing accessibility for users across India.

E-Sanad Status

E-Sanad status refers to the current or progress status of an application submitted via its platform, including requests for document authentication, attestation and/or issuance services offered by E-Sanad. Users can track requests through this status system in real-time.

Here’s how users can check the status of their e-Sanad requests:

  • Online Portal
  • Email Notifications
  • SMS Alerts
  • Customer Service
  • Online Tracking Tools

By regularly monitoring their requests on e-Sanad status updates, users can remain up-to-date about their requests’ progress and take appropriate actions as required. From authenticating documents or certificates issuances to application statuses; monitoring these updates provides transparency into document management processes.

E-Sanad Apostille

This apostille service from E-Sanad serves to authenticate documents for use in countries participating in the Hague Apostille Convention, digitally verifying official documents against government databases for authenticity before attaching an electronic apostille certificate as evidence of their validity and authenticity. E-Sanad’s Apostille service eliminates manual paperwork requirements as well as physical visits to government offices – providing faster and easier document legalization solutions for international purposes than traditional government office services!

E-Sanad Attestation

E-Sanad provides document attestation services for use within India or countries not covered under the Hague Apostille Convention. Attestations involve digitally verifying official documents before issuing an electronic attestation certificate verifying their validity and authenticity; E-Sanad simplifies legalization while decreasing paperwork burden and administrative hassle for individuals and organizations alike.

E-Sanad Registration

Users can easily register on the E-Sanad platform by providing personal details and creating an account. Registering once provides users access to various services available by this platform such as document authentication, verification, and issuance.

Which Documents Need Attestation and Apostilled?

There are generally three important documents which need apostille, attestation or authentication depending on where an applicant will go on his or her travels; they include:

1. Educational Documents

You will require educational documents like your degree, mark sheet and diploma for studying MBBS or MBA abroad as well as for employment purposes abroad. An attestation/apostille may also be requested on these educational records for employment reasons abroad.

2. Documents Without Educational Value, Otherwise Known As Personal Documents

Your personal documents include divorce and marriage certificates, birth certificates, police clearance certificates PCC and medical certificates that you will require when applying for work and study visas as well as to secure divorce, marriage or any other type of status change visas.

3. Commercial Documents

Accrediting commercial documents is necessary if your business intends to operate abroad or export/import goods and services, among many other reasons.

Your MEA Attestation or Apostille Can be Attained Digitally via e-Sanad

educational document

Educational Document

personal document

Personal Document

commercial documents

Commercial Documents

E-Sanad Full Form

E-Sanad stands for “Electronic System for Application of Network for Attestation and Apostille.”

Attestation and Apostille of Documents Not Covered Under E-Sanad

While E-Sanad provides authentication and legalization services for an array of official documents, some types may still fall outside its services and will therefore need to follow traditional methods for document attestation and apostille, which involve physically sending physical copies to government authorities for legalization purposes.

Why Choose PCC Apostille Services for getting documents and certificates apostilled?

Undoubtedly, E-Sanad represents an outstanding step toward digitizing administrative processes and increasing document accessibility and efficiency across India. By offering services like authentication, attestation, and apostille on one convenient platform for individuals, businesses, and government agencies alike. But getting apostille done through reliable apostille service agency is far more convenient and easy as these people do all the work and perform all the formalities regarding getting all the paper work and documentation. Also, we get our apostilled documents at our door steps without taking any stress about the rejections or any other criteria needed by the officials. We at PCC Apostille Services gives all the services regarding apostille, attestation and legalization of any documents and certificates needed. Below are some difference noted for understanding that PCC takes care of all the procedures needed for getting your documents apostilled without giving any stress.

Apply Apostille Through E SanadApply Apostille Through PCC Apostille Services
Apostille takes 45-60 daysPCC Apostille Services will take 2 working days*
Have to visit government officeNo need to visit government office – door to door services is given
Have to take follow ups regularlyNo follow up needed – live tracking is provided
Have to fill the formNo need – PCC takes care of everything
Only digital documents valid for apostilleAll types of document accepted
No Support24×7 support given
Rejection chances are thereNo chance of rejection

PCC Apostille Services has a experience of 10 years in this field and over a period of time have become one of the best service providers in India. We provide services like

  • Fast & Reliable Services
  • Free pick up and drop off services
  • Service available all over India
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