How to Get UK Issued Document Apostille in India

Navigating the world of document legalization can often feel like a complex maze, especially when it involves international procedures. If you’re in India and need to get a UK document apostille, you might get overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties. This guide makes this process simpler for you.

Apostille is a type of certification of the documents meant for use in the countries that are party to the Hague Convention of 1961. It is essential to know the apostille process for UK documents in India if you want to use UK documents in India.

This article will take you through the steps of ensuring that your UK documents are legal under Indian law, making the process less stressful and straightforward.

Understanding UK Apostille Stamp Specifications

Apostille is a certificate that makes it valid and acceptable in the United Kingdom. Below are the details an Apostille contains: –

  • Name of the Country
  • The name of the holder of the certificate.
  • Name of the person affixing his signature to the certificate.
  • Date and Place of Issue
  • Type of document
  • The authority seal/Stamp.
  • Seal or stamp of the authority issuing the apostille

Why You Need a UK Apostille?

You may need a UK apostille for several reasons:

  • For student or work visas
  • To marry in the UK
  • To accompany your spouse or parents as dependents
  • To register a marriage in the UK
  • For commercial purposes like opening a bank account or company registration

The Apostille Process for Personal Documents

Here’s how to get your personal documents apostilled:

  1. Local Verification: Your documents will verify locally, such as educational certificates by the university, marriage certificates by the registrar, etc.
  2. Notary Attestation: A notary will examine and attest your documents after local verification.
  3. SDM/State Attestation: Your documents will undergo either SDM or State attestation.
  4. MEA Attestation: The Ministry of External Affairs will finally attest your documents.

Apostille for Commercial Documents

The process is similar for commercial documents, but it includes verification by the Global Chamber of Commerce before MEA attestation.

Validity of UK Apostilles

A UK Apostille from MEA is typically valid for six months, but this can vary depending on the document type and the country.

Charges for Apostille Services

The cost for an apostille can depend on the urgency, the number of documents, and the type. Additional services like notarisation or translation may increase the cost.

Selecting an Apostille Service Provider

Choose a service provider that is knowledgeable and has strict data security measures. Transparency in the process is also crucial.


Getting a UK-issued document apostille in India requires understanding the process, preparing your documents, and working with the right service provider. Follow these steps to ensure your documents are legally recognised in India.
To ensure your documents are accepted in India, you must understand this process and follow it correctly. Remember to seek professional assistance if unsure about any part of the process. You can have a smooth and hassle-free experience getting your UK documents apostille in India with the right approach. Click Here To View More: hrdattestation.in

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